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A whole lot of random stuff….


So it has been a busy week, not really sure why, nothing special has happened it just seems to have flown by faster than usual and left me feeling a wee bit dizzy. At any rate I haven’t been totally on top of my blog reading, blog posting, or my emails. It has been stinking hot to top everything off, so cooking has pretty much stopped, cleaning – who cares anyways (OK I do when I look around and see the mess) but I am just too hot and tired to deal with it.

A lot has actually happened in the last few weeks of my life. My best friend decided fairly abruptly that she was moving back to the small town we are both from and in a matter of two short weeks she was packed and gone before the end of July. The move has nothing to do with our friendship – we are still besties, but it took a lot out of me…

Also I had applied for a job and was a shoe in! Yet somehow I didn’t get it – I apparently was the “second choice”… Second is the first loser! I even told them that… It was nice to be recognized and all, but… what else is there to say?

This has led me to be doing a lot of reassessing of priorities, ideas, life… What do I want to do/be when I grow up? Shit that means I have to grow up… I don’t wanna!!!! You can’t make me *folds arms and stomps foot*… But in all seriousness I am not where I want to be… so I am focusing on figuring out where do I want to be?…. and I am learning that knowing where I don’t want to be is NOT the same as knowing where I want to be… (Cuz that would be too easy!)…

On an entirely different note while growing up I was quite addicted to the PBS series ‘Mystery!’ hosted by Vincent Price, and later by Diana Brigg. This was mother and daughter time as we would curl up on the couch with our popcorn and watch Sherlock Holmes. We watched all of the old 1980’s ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes’ starring Jeremy Brett, which were hosted on the Mystery! program.



Anyways I have discovered a newer TV series that I am greatly enjoying… The UK program ‘Sherlock’…  I must admit that although I was curious about the program I wasn’t expecting much and so I didn’t really bother to check it out. I wasn’t sure how they would pull off yet another Sherlock Holmes series and effectively set it in modern day London. The other day boredom got the better of me and I was pleasantly surprised. The first episode was simply brilliant! I can’t judge the rest of the series as of yet seeing as I have only watched the first two episodes (they are an hour and a half per episode and that is on Netflix so no commercials) and the second one will likely need to be re-watched as I only half paid attention… I had a long busy day yesterday and was watching with a very talkative teenager – but we had fun so it doesn’t really matter that I wasn’t really paying attention to the show…

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and David Burke as Dr. Watson - 1980's

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and David Burke as Dr. Watson – 1980’s

Today's Sherlock and Watson: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

Today’s Sherlock and Watson: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman








I have also just discovered while looking up then and now pictures of Sherlock Holmes for this post that there is a Sherlock Holmes Museum in London… at 221B Baker St!!! I am so going to go there one day! Adding to my Bucket List!!! (OK so my complete and utter dork-dom is now surfacing for all to see… and I just don’t care!)

As for a wee bit more randomness: I recently bought myself a professional quality Microphone and am now learning how to use some free recording software, I must admit I am having fun… eventually I will post something on here for you all to listen to but for now I will just tease you with this information. (Oooooh evil dork-dom…. mwahahahaha…. cough… choke… sputter…ha…ha…)

And I guess that is all for now…



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7 thoughts on “A whole lot of random stuff….

  1. I love reading Sherlock Holmes!!!!Pretty much read all the original Doyle stuff.Ahhhh who can resist the romance of Victorian England 🙂 haven’t watched any shows though…
    I hope your friend likes her new(old) home..Sometimes people find the changes in their old hometowns unbearable..Well as for your friendship ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder (of Skype) ‘ 😀


  2. Now now, MSH…. I won’t have you saying “first loser”. You’re a winner, it’s just they couldn’t see it – clouded vision, or something! Between this bummer and your mate relocating, it’s hardly surprising you’ve not been keeping on top of the ‘web-comm’s’. I hope things start to pick up real soon.

    I feel very similar regarding not knowing where I want to be. I’ve lived in London 18 years but feel Bonnie Scotland is calling me home. I’m a great believer in fate… maybe there is a much bigger (positive) reason why you didn’t get that job….

    Looking forward to your “sounds-man” ;0)


    • Thank-you Cat… yes finding our place in this world… sounds so quaint and so easy… but it isn’t is it? As for the job it’s OK, I am coming up with plans… we will see where they take me (in other words if I follow through)…


  3. I also enjoy the new Sherlock Holmes, though like you I was initially sceptical of it. I think they’re currently re-running the second series in anticipation of the third.
    I’m looking forward to hearing your “new microphone” posts! Last week I did something similar and bought a graphics tablet to spruce up my DraliDoodles 🙂


  4. I had the same job experience a couple of months ago – invited to apply, a shoe-in, all that, and then didn’t get it. Quite a let-down. And then to have your best friend move away! Sorry to hear about it.

    I also used to enjoy Mystery Theater with Vincent Price – your reminder of it was quite nostalgic for me.

    Hope your week goes well.


    • so sorry… they say “oh you were our second choice” – like that makes it better… silly people… being the first loser sucks doesn’t it? Glad to bring back memories for you… I really loved watching those Mystery! shows… (not all of them, was never really into Miss Marple or Hercule Peroit…Sherlock was always my favourite)

      Hope you have a wonderful week yourself 🙂


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