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Who am I?


“Who am I?” you ask…

I am the dreamer,
the one with her head in the clouds.
I am the healer,
the one who longs to cleanse your wounds and make you whole.
I am the lover,
the one who sees the value in every beating heart.
I am the artist,
the one who attempts to create beauty in everything she touches.
I am the musician,
the one who hears life’s song beating through her veins.
I am the idealist,
the one who sees how beautiful things could be.
I am the intuitive,
the one who senses things that sometimes go unsaid.
I am the empathetic,
the one who sees you cry, holds your hand and cries with you.

I am the undisciplined,
the one who can’t seem to buckle down and get things done.
I am the quick tongued,
the one who will lash out and strike you down if she feels threatened.
I am the disillusioned,
the one who gets frustrated when others can’t see what she sees.
I am the destroyer,
the one who will leave you wondering what the hell happened when the frustration boils over.
I am the chaotic,
the one who can’t seem to articulate what she feels in a way you will understand.
I am the overwhelmed,
the one who can’t comprehend why things are sometimes so ugly.
I am the emotional,
the one who doesn’t always grasp that feeling and truth are often not the same thing.
I am the immobilized,
the one who feels all the hurt in the world and cannot fix it.

“But who are you?” that’s what I want to know…


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

17 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. You never stop amazing me (And others) With brilliant blogs that are honest, direct and just a joy to read..Do you really want to to know about everyone else?

    Great blog Mrs..



  2. I like how you capture both the shadow and light of the human soul.


  3. I am the inspired….
    Every time I read your blog!


  4. I LOVE this! I see myself in many of the roles you mention here, too.


  5. That was amazing, absolutely loved it!


  6. You have been blessed with a gift of expressing yourself. Keep up the genuine writings as I love them!


  7. Lovely! a nice description of a “real” genuine person:) Namaste


  8. Very nice. I like it.


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