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Two Quotes… and a song…


Today is a simple post day… the following are two quotes that struck me this morning when I was checking my FaceBook… I read them and knew they were worth sharing…

From The Backroads Girl

From The Backroads Girl


From The Unlost

From The Unlost


This song has a great message about sticking together and uplifting one another, as friends, family, lovers… Plus it is my grandson’s favorite song – he is just over a year and a half old and every time he visits he asks to hear this song… (points at my TV or computer and says “gone, gone, gone”) and then he sings along to it… it is the sweetest thing ever…





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7 thoughts on “Two Quotes… and a song…

  1. I could’ve done with reading that first quote earlier when I was at work to lift me up! I’ll try to remember it tomorrow!
    Beautiful background pictures.


  2. What an awesome feel good song. Thx.


  3. I am listening to the video as I type this *smiles* ….I like the huskiness in his voice…and … the song lyrics (and melody) are very uplifting…and filled with hope *smiles*

    As for the quotes …like Mumsy, that second one is the one that draws my eyes. Isn’t it funny in a way … when life seems to toss a curve at us….and we are standing there not sure what to do….that is when we grow. It reminds me of something a very wise person said to me recently (though I paraphrase a bit…) …

    “I was side tracked from my personal goals… then I reorganize, reprioritize and start moving forward…”

    *smiles* … and *hugs*


  4. The Unlost quote…. how very apt for me at this point in my life – thank you for sharing the song and the quotes *s*


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