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Proud to be a Canadian, Eh!


I'm Proud to be a Canadian, eh!

I’m Proud to be a Canadian, eh!

Tomorrow is Canada Day, and so in honour of this great country I live in I am going to write about Canada… I mean there are so many things I could write about, our health care, the beauty of the land, the animals, the many diverse cultures… but… well I’m not really going to actually ‘write’ anything… instead I have put together a few lists about some Canadian stuff….

Some Canadian words:
apparently a bunch of these words are unique to Canada but I have heard and/or used them all my life so I am
doubting the uniqueness here…

Ginch - I have always thought this word was best used for boy's underwear...

Ginch – I have always thought this word was best used for boy’s underwear…

Ginch – underwear (sometimes also called gonch) OK in my house we generally call them undies, but as a kid to say Ginch super loud in public was hysterical!

Klick – a kilometre, as in “how many klicks till we get there?”

Beaut or Beauty – well done, excellent, very nice, or something is in good condition etc…

Brutal – that sucks man

Deke – to fake (out) or fool – originally a hockey term

Nutter – a crazy person – original referring to some-one with right wing political or religious views

chocolate barsΒ  – candy bars

Snowbirds – people who migrate south of the border during the winter, thus only living in Canada during the warm part of the year and in the US during the Canadian cold months.

Take off – get lost – this term was coined on the TV program SCTV during the early 80’s. SCTV hosted the popular sketch “The Great White North” hosted by ‘brothers’ Bob & Doug McKenzie (actors Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) – they are also responsible for the all to cliche, Canadian ‘eh’.

Bob and Doug McKenzie - I see this and question my Canadian pride!

Bob and Doug McKenzie – I see this and question my Canadian pride!

Bluenose(r) – someone from from Nova Scotia

Newfie – someone from Newfoundland

Kokanee – a land locked fresh water salmon from BC, also a Brand of beer

Fuck the dog (screw the pooch) – to do nothing, be lazy (also ‘lazy dog fucker’) mostly used in labour related jobs, but not limited to…Β  “what did you do today?” “I fucked the dog” or “whose that guy?” “he’s a lazy dog fucker, seems like he’s always on a break”

Loonie & Toonie (or Twonie) – a dollar and two dollar coin respectively

Baking terms: (who knew we had different terms for baking??)
Berry sugar – castor/caster sugar (this is primarily in BC)

Icing sugar – Canada & UK – confectioners or powdered sugar in the US

Bisquit or Biscuit – in Canada & the States this is a ‘bun’ similar to a tea cake or sconeΒ  (in many parts of the world a bisquit is a cookie)

Cookie – in canada and the US a cookie is what much of the world calls a biscuit a sweet small hand held dessert of unfathomable variety: ie chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, raisin cookies, coconut cookies, filled cookies, chewy cookies, hard cookies…

Oh and our spelling – traditionally we use ‘ou’ not just ‘o’ in many words such as: honour, favourite, neighbour, colour, etc… although many people now use the American spelling (I tend to jump back and forth I’m afraid).

Boozey terms:

Traditional Motts Clamato Caesar

Traditional Motts Clamato Caesar

40 pounder (750 ml bottle), 2-4 (24 bottles or cans of beer) or a flat (24 cans of beer), mickey (small bottle of booze)

Rye – Canadian whiskey

Caesar (or Bloody Caesar) – a spicy tomato, clam nectar and vodka drink usually served with a celery stick or a pickled bean or asparagus spear in a celery salt rimmed high ball glass or tumbler over ice. (apparently similar to a Bloody Mary)

Baked goods: Mmmmmmmmm
Nanaimo Bars – a delicious dessert bar made of a chocolate graham cracker crust sometimes containing coconut and/or nuts, a custard icing filling and topped with chocolate (originating in Nanaimo BC)

Butter tarts – a sweet dessert tart very similar to pecan pie only made with raisins instead of nuts (sometimes the raisins are omitted).

Date Squares – a dessert made with an oatmeal and brown sugar base and topping (similar to the topping in fruit crisps) and a date filling – these aren’t too sweet and are wonderful served with vanilla ice cream… and one can pretend that these are super healthy

Nanaimo Bars... soooo good!

Nanaimo Bars… soooo good!

Food products:
Potato chip flavors – Ketchup, dill pickle, All-Dressed…
Hawkins Cheezies (my favourite, these are similar to the hard Cheetos, but way better)
Crispy Crunch bars (this is a chocolate bar)
Smarties (these are like M&M’s)
McIntosh toffee bars (these suckers can pull your teeth/fillings out if you aren’t careful)
Red Rose tea (Only in Canada…. Pity!) – at least that was the slogan I actually prefer Typhoo tea from England
when we are looking at the orange pekoe variety

Some Famous Canadians:

Musicians and bands:

The Bare Naked Ladies... NOT ladies... and so glad they covered up their 'naughty' bits... lol!

The Bare Naked Ladies… NOT ladies… but they are bare naked… lol!

Bryan Adams
Avril Lavigne
Nickel Back
Shania Twain
Ann Murray
Celine Dion
Stepphen Wolf
Bare Naked Ladies
Rush – (drummer Neil Peart)
Sara McLachlan
Corey Hart
Marianas Trench
Michael Buble
Justin Beiber (I know, I know…)

Keanu Reeves.... Uuummm hello...

Keanu Reeves…. Uuummm hello…

John Candy
Jim Carrey
Mike Myers
Michael J Fox
Rick Moranis
Brendan Fraser
Donald Sutherland
Christopher Plummer
Keanu Reeves
Alan Thicke




Emily Carr

Emily Carr – she was one of the first artists to depict the art work of the indigenous peoples of Canada

Emily Carr (from BC)
The Group of Seven

Alexander Graham Bell

Canadian Inventions:

AM radio
Electron Microscope
Insulin (the use of it for controlling diabetes)
Music Synthesizer
Paint roller
Standard Time
National Geographic Society

This is no way a complete list… but it was interesting looking it all up and finding out some of these facts… so Happy Canada Day, Eh!


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19 thoughts on “Proud to be a Canadian, Eh!

  1. Reblogged this on Seniorsagent and commented:
    Yes I’m a bit late posting this, but it’s never too late to be proud of my adopted country. Yeh for Canada.


  2. Please accept this Award.
    Always Here When Needed Award
    Thank you


  3. From one ‘nutter’ to another whom I suspect is as ‘nutter’ as I am, I valued the translation tool. My next Canadian visit will be changed for the better (?). Funny. You brought a quiet grin. Well done. Dan in Chicago


  4. Very cool!
    Also very fascinating – I read blogs from various English-speaking countries and I’m loving seeing which ones use UK English (spelling and words), which US English and which a combination of both.


  5. Yay Canada and Yay Andrea πŸ™‚

    runs around setting off fireworks… weeeeeee oh wait.. not inside?




  6. *nudge*, i gave you an award!


  7. Great post – Happy Canada Day!


  8. OOOOOOOOO, Canada… That’s all I know but I like listening to it and I don’t even watch hockey.>KB


  9. lol…
    Some of these words..
    One in particular, Bluenose. We use here.
    We have bad racism in the West of Scotland, and “Bluenose” is a kinda funny term to describe a certain “people”
    I will leave it there, lol. Nothing bad.
    Some other words there I know also..

    Good read. I like this blog better than a blog “About” Canada.
    Not that I dislike Canada… x


    • thanks Shaun… I didn’t have it in me to write an about Canada post…. I mean if I want that I’ll read my daughters’ text books… lol… and I had fun learning things about Canada that you aren’t taught in a classroom…


      • LOL!!! Don’t blame you..
        The blog you did was more fun… πŸ™‚
        And ’tis true, we always google…

        More fun, always more fun…

        x lol x


  10. former sasky boy
    wishing you
    happy canada day


  11. Happy Canada Day

    I loved the lists of things. I have heard some of those terms … and most of the baking ones I know nod nods.

    As for people from your part of the world …. *gurgles at some of the hunky men* … but I will let you try to figure out which one I think are hunky *grins*



  12. Wow, I don’t think I even knew you were from Canada! Loved this post, by the way πŸ™‚


  13. Love it!!!! Awesome post eh? Happy Canada Day from one Canadian girl to another!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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