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The Sparrow and the Crow…


Two songs from William Fitzsimmons album ‘The Sparrow and the Crow”…


Please Forgive Me (The Song of the Crow)

My demons walk with me
They told me not to leave them… alone
I put you on the tree
I tore your heart to pieces

You swept me off my feet
You gave your heart to me… alone
I left you out at sea
I left you there to plea

Please forgive me
Please please forgive me

My demons walks with me
I beg them not to leave me… alone
And so your heart is free
And so your heart is free

I Don’t Feel it Anymore (Song of the Sparrow)


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

2 thoughts on “The Sparrow and the Crow…

  1. Thank you – I have never heard William before, when I saw his photo I thought he would have a ‘rough’ voice…oh hell was I wrong – soft melodious, soulful and calming – beautiful songs Andrea- thank you for the share. x


  2. 2 beautiful songs.. x


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