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A short list of awesome words…


This evening I was watching the movie October Sky, a movie I find inspiring and uplifting, and one of the characters, his name was Quentin – he was ‘the geek’, seemed to really like the word ‘prodigious’ as he used a fair amount throughout the movie. Well that set me on a quest. I needed to look up and define some words, starting with prodigious.My list had to contain good words, words with meaning.

So here is my list of 12 awesome words:

1) pro·di·gious  /prəˈdijəs/
Adjective: Remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree. Unnatural or abnormal.
Synonyms: wonderful – stupendous – marvelous – enormous

2) val·i·date  /val-i-deyt/
verb (used with object), val·i·dat·ed, val·i·dat·ing.
1. to make valid; substantiate; confirm: Time validated our suspicions.
2. to give legal force to; legalize.
3. to give official sanction, confirmation, or approval to, as elected officials, election procedures, documents, etc.: to validate a passport.
Synonyms: authenticate – verify – prove

3) dis·com·bob·u·late  /diskəmˈbäbyəˌlāt/
Verb: Disconcert or confuse (someone).

4) Serendipity  /ser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē/
noun: a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

5) in·tu·i·tion  /int(y)o͞oˈiSHən/
1. The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
2.  A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.
Synonyms: insight – instinct

6) an·tiq·ui·ty  /anˈtikwitē/
1. The ancient past, esp. the period before the Middle Ages.
2. A specified historical period during the ancient past.
Synonyms: antique

7) strength  /streNG(k)TH/
Noun: The quality or state of being strong, in particular, physical power and energy.
Synonyms: power – force – might – vigour – vigor – potency

8) can·dor  /ˈkandər/
Noun: The quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness.
Synonyms: candour – frankness – sincerity – candidness – openness

9) pen·chant  /ˈpenCHənt/
Noun: A strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something.
Synonyms: inclination – tendency – leaning – liking – propensity

10) fa·mil·iar  /fəˈmilyər/
Adjective: Well known from long or close association: “a familiar voice”.
Noun: A demon supposedly attending a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal.
adjective:  intimate – acquainted – conversant – close
noun:  intimate

11) i·ro·ny  /ˈīrənē/
Noun: The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or       emphatic effect.
Adjective: Of or like iron: “an irony gray color”.
noun: taunt – sarcasm
adjective: iron – ferreous – ferrous

12) in·tan·gi·ble  /inˈtanjəbəl/
Adjective: Unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence: “cyberspace or anything else so intangible”.
Noun: An intangible thing.
Synonyms: impalpable – untouchable

And there you have it 12 words that I think are pretty awesome! 😀


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7 thoughts on “A short list of awesome words…

  1. It sure is a list of awesome words. I hadn’t used prodigious ever (hmm, I shouldn’t be admitting that) haha!


  2. Ohh….I want to play. I want to play *smiles*.

    Ok … NOT with new words from me… but I will add my definitions woo woo. OMG you will kick me after you read these….

    1) pro·di·gious
    The opposite of anti·di·gious?

    2) val·i·date
    What Katie would tell people if Val Kilmer would have gone out with me.

    3) dis·com·bob·u·late
    How Katie feels half the time.

    4) Serendipity
    I. LOVED. THIS. MOVIE. (Ok, not a real definition … but ohh … John Cusack is hot. heh.)

    5) in·tu·i·tion
    Cheaper college cost in days gone by. Now In-tuition costs and Out-tuition costs are both super high! And lets not get me started on the cost of books!

    6) an·tiq·ui·ty
    Uhmm … I am stumped for anything remotely funny to write here. Feck.

    7) strength
    What some of my friends have. And I am glad for it *smiles*

    8) can·dor
    The littler mountain on the back side of Mordor. Frodo really should have gone there to toss the ring because the molten lava was from the same place … but there were no Orcs or other LOTR bad guys.

    9) pen·chant
    When you hear someone going “BIC BIC BIC BIC”

    10) fa·mil·iar /fəˈmilyər/
    I always think this looks like the word Enfamil … the baby formula. And it makes me smile. *smile*

    11) i·ro·ny /ˈīrənē/
    The opposite of wrinkly.

    12) in·tan·gi·ble /inˈtanjəbəl/
    Best given by example: The additional benefits that Katie have given everyone with her alternate definitions aren’t quite measureable, but are intangible.

    Uhmmm…. damnit. I did NOT misspell the word ‘unintelligible’ in #12 damnit. Heh.


    • Katie your list is awesome!!! It made me giggle a lot! I love val-i-date!!! too funny! and pen-chant!!! and I was totally stumped for antiquity too… I may start doing a word blog like once every 2 weeks or something… I like words and it will help me to expand my horizons so to speak… 😀


  3. Thank you for sharing these – I have always loved discombobulate – the way it rolls and bops off your tongue 🙂 x


  4. I like to make words up, the more you think about making a word up, the harder it is.
    I loved this list of words, they supendous, triltastic and DARN I am all out of made up words..



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