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the Parting Glass


Ed Sheeran ~ The Parting Glass (Irish Traditional)

Such a beautiful¬† song…

Love you all… and good nite xx


Author: myspokenheart

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3 thoughts on “the Parting Glass


    omg…I sooooooo know this song Andrea.

    This is sang a lot when bands finish their tunes at the end of the night nod nods. In fact, when I used to do ceili and step out performances, our dance troop would always end with this song. As the last line was sung, we’d all hold out imaginary pints as we sang.

    Ahhh….I believe the Scottish sing this too nod nods


  2. I love this song, I love the singer, the Irishness of it all, I love
    Great post


  3. Sleep tight Andrea, thank you for sharing this. I love Ed xx


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