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Mother’s Day has come and gone…


Another Mother’s Day has come and gone, my children were wonderful and I had a nice day. I felt very loved and I got some lovely cards and gifts . (I always feel loved by my kids – I’m lucky that way). My son called me to wish me a Happy Day – he is out of province so a visit wasn’t possible, maybe next year? And all 3 of my girls, my son-in-law and my 2 beautiful grand babies all got together for the afternoon. The grand kids were adorable as always. They know how to bring a smile to my face without even doing anything (except of course being themselves). My girls wanted to know what I wanted for lunch/dinner so they could prepare it for me. I had no idea. We went with croissants with ham and cheese, and angel food with mixed berries and whipped cream. It was lovely. I had a very nice day. But I did go hide in the kitchen for a bit, I did up the dishes while everyone else sat and chatted – it was nice to listen to them while having a moment to just be.

It’s hard because for me Mother’s day is often a mixed bag of emotions. I miss out on the doing for mother part. I love that my kids are there for me, that they go out of their way to spend the day with me, I know some mother’s do not get that. But it is hard when I see the flowers, and the cards as I walk through stores and look through flyers, and I know that I do not get to buy any of them.

I went out with a girlfriend the nite before mother’s day and while we were in the card section of the store I found a lovely vintage style Pooh Bear Thank-you card, I bought it with no idea who it will be for, but it helped me feel less awkward being in the card section. I also looked at the all the lovely flowers, especially the bouquets of yellow roses – my mother’s favourite – but did not buy any. That was a brief moment of sadness. I am glad I have learned that I can still smile even through the sadness.

Fair thee well, my sweet friend

Fair thee well, my sweet friend

This a Thank-you to all my kids,
A silent prayer for all those out there who find Mother’s day difficult what ever the reason,
And a Yay!!! to those of us who survived another one, because we are strong enough to make it through!


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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day has come and gone…

  1. To have your girls and grand babies around you …a special day to remember. Keep the card for you, it is a way of saying thank you to yourself, for your strength, your move ( which you were so unsure of) and to those that you love and remember. Happy Belated MD to you Andrea x


  2. You sound like you had a wonderful day *smiles* … and the part about being I in the kitchen and listening to the daughters gabbing … tis sweet. I can imagine you doing that.

    One day we will go and buy mom’s day cards for one another ok *gentle smile* … and the gifts will be a cuppa nod nods.


  3. You are very strong, and buying the Pooh card was a wonderful thing to do. Maybe you should keep it for yourself? 🙂 x


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