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This fragile life…


It’s funny, but we seem to take our lives for granted.We forget how fleeting it can be. We forget that we are never promised a tomorrow. That every day is a blessing. We forget that life can be broken in a moment. That it is fragile.

My eldest daughter’s friend has been battling cancer. Lastnite she succumbed and departed this earth. I am amazed at how much this has hurt my heart. Shocked at the imprint I feel on my soul. She was a beautiful woman who even in the midst of her pain and struggle always seemed to have a smile on her face. I did not know her well. I believe I chose it that way. The hurt of losing people is hard and becoming friends with some-one you are destined to lose is terrifying. This has been my loss, for I know she was a wonderful woman and I have missed out on being touched by her brilliance.

I think the part that truly knocks the wind out of me is the fact that she has left behind 2 beautiful, young children. I know they will live lives full of love and the best of care. They have a wonderful dad, and lots of family. Family that actually acts how family should. They have pulled together through the struggles of the last few years, and have created a safe place for these two little ones.

But it all brings me back to the fragility of life. We have so much to be thankful for, every single day. We have so much to offer to ourselves, to others. Yet we forget. We live guided by the routine of life with blinders on, just doing what we must to survive. Filled with fear of change, fear of the unknown. Fear is no way to live. Mundane routine is no way to live.

Then there is the spiritual side of life. I personally believe in God. I am a Christian. And even though there is a lot bad stuff out there that I cannot understand I know in my heart of hearts what I know. God is real and in the quiet moments of true heartbreak, I can hear Him. Those are the moments He comes and comforts, and shows me where I need to go. Shows me just how precious my life is. Shows me that no matter how insignificant I may feel, He loves me, and I am an important part of the here and now. He put me here, now, for a reason, even if I have no clue what that reason is.

Sometimes I lose my way and I forget where I am going, I get overwhelmed by unimportant things. Sometimes I forget where I have come from. Sometimes I do not act like some-one who believes. Sometimes I forget that life is fragile. Perhaps that is part of being human? But I know that there is a loving creator watching over me, and all the lives that I have touched, am yet to touch, will never touch. I just know.

Generally I try to avoid so called ‘religious’ topics here, but then I suppose to one degree or another I am then hiding a piece of who I am. But I will not apologize for being me, or for believing that there is more to this life than merely existing. There has to be or there is no point at all. We need to love one another, support one another, come along side each other in times of heartache and need, laugh with each other in times of plenty. And to be able to do these things in love without judgement. Where some-one else is, or has been, is not my business. Loving them and helping them to cope, and get through whatever it is they are experiencing, that is my business.

This is for all who know and comprehend the fragility of life… don’t forget, hold on, keep on moving towards love. For those of you who don’t, I hope and pray you discover it.


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8 thoughts on “This fragile life…

  1. Big Gentle Hugs Andrea to you and your daughter. You have my deepest condolences. I find for myself when I need comfort I read Ecclesiastics 3:1-8. You are right you don’t have to apologize for who you are! 🙂 Shout it from the roof tops if you want! 😉 I am always here if you need me hun!

    By the way: Tag your it!


  2. Sorry about the death, RIP to her and I pray for her kids.
    I agree with Mer, I think when I see individual acts of kindness it makes me see the good things in life again, as we can all easily get drawn to the bad stuff. I know I take in too much bad stuff.
    But with two people like you and Mer as friends here and others, I count myself blessed and live each day as if it were my last. You are right Andrea, we can all be gone or lose someone in the blink of an eye. So its important to live for “This moment” That works for me. Look back you live there, look to far forward you can worry about it.
    And not getting close to people you know are dying, I have did this once. I hated myself for it, but I was always there helping the family.

    Great blog xx


  3. I may not believe in a God, but I shout to the sky and back in support of a more loving attitude to our fellows, our planet and ourselves.
    Hugs to MSH


  4. I have to be honest when I say I have questioned whether or not there is a God..but a few things have happened recently that has made up my mind that He is real. This post is just one of them. Thank you for talking religion. I needed it. xxx Mer


    • you are welcome Mer… and thank-you. Thank-you for supporting me – I was really nervous posting this… another big step… anytime if you want to “talk” we can FB or you have my email… BIG HUGS xxx


      • That is what friends do Andrea, and I consider you my friend. Would love to talk in real time. 🙂 Sometimes it is hard to hit that publish button, isn’t it? Especially when I talk about porn!! {Hugs} xx


        • I will support you anytime you decide to talk about porn OK…
          In all seriousness though there are times when hitting that publish button is really hard… sometimes our posts reveal glimpses of our hearts and this makes us vulnerable…


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