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…turn and face the strain, ch-ch-changes…

…anyways, life is like a living creature itself – always moving, evolving, changing… and we can either change with it, or stubbornly plant our feet and watch it pass us by. Sometimes our efforts to change are successful, sometimes they are not. I have just recently had a lot of change that was coming whether I chose to co-operate or not. I did choose to co-operate and I survived and things are actually going quite well.

And now I am potentially looking at more life change. I applied for a new job. Whether this will go any where or not is now out of my hands. But I put my foot forward which of course is always the hardest part. Why is it so hard? I don’t really know but it seems to be. Perhaps it is because it is about change, it is about setting goals and getting our priorities straight? Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and sometimes pretending to be ignorant can at least allow us to sit in our state of complacency a wee bit longer.

Looking for another job is so much more than just seeking something I may enjoy/be willing to do day in day out.ย  I have to look at the amount of money earned – it must be at the very least a vertical move. There is locale, as at this current time I am without vehicle. So if it is not within walking distance then there must be a reliable method of transport for me to get there. It is about figuring out who I am and what I want and then having the courage and determination to actually reach for it.

I have in the past found myself in the pathetic place of just accepting whatever crap is sent my way and choosing to accept it as good enough. But I will never grasp the golden ring if I stand still. I cannot hold it if I will not reach. It actually takes effort. A lot of effort. People say “God will provide, He takes care of the birds doesn’t He?” Have you every actually watched birds? Yes they are provided for… but they work darn hard for what they get. I have never seen a finch sitting with it’s mouth open waiting for worms to fall from the heavens. Did you know birds have to consume twice their own body weight in food everyday because that is how hard they work.Those little critters work long, hard hours. But they have food enough to eat and shelter.

Anyways back to the job…If it goes in my favour then I will be commuting every day, taking the West Coast Express (a passenger train). This idea is both exciting and daunting. It is somewhat expensive but after comparing the cost of fuel, and parking (not to mention the hours of sitting stuck in traffic) it is actually cheaper and faster than driving in. So should I be lucky enough to get this job there will be a sufficient increase in wages to allow for the train and still be bringing in more than I am currently making. (which means perhaps I could actually have the funds to get a vehicle – now wouldn’t that be nice?)

I am actually ready for this change. I am ready to find different employment, I personally need a more challenging work environment. I am bored out of my skull here and I absolutley need a greater wage – which unfortunately is not possible where I currently am – it is a non-profit business run soley on Government funding. There are no raises, period. And that is just not good enough for me. Don’t get me wrong it’s a fine job, with benefits and the wages are decent, for a single person or as a second income… but to solely support a family of 3? NO.

So I will cross my fingers (and toes) and sing… Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes….



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19 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes….

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  2. Isn’t that a bit of irony … if you have to take the transit in….and it cost some but you can save…and that if you were to drive it would cost more for parking and gas … but the money you save from transiting can get you that car…omg…even if you save the money and buy the car…keep transiting nod nod *smiles*

    And you know I am pulling for you on the job right? My fingers, toes, hair, and eyes are ALL crossed for you *smiles*


  3. Please accept this award and song
    The โ€œShine on Awardโ€

    ps: Great song there!!


  4. I am singing right along with you honey! I wish you all the best and I do so hope you get it. I don’t do ‘trains’ I fall asleep to easily on them. May I ask what the role is? xx


  5. Oh! Yay! Fingers crossed for you hun. Hope it happens!


  6. I know how scary change is, especially the ones we choose for ourselves. I hope the job comes through..but if not, work up the courage to apply for another one! Weenies unite!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. takes your hands and starts to dance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    blech worms… *shakes my head* noooooo, it is a bad snack. psssst chips… *nods wisely*

    pssst, I love this song.

    I hope you get to ride the train Andrea. The ride will be relaxing, stress free and the Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes will be awesome. Exciting. Stimulating.


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