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Love Poem


we sat together laughing,
so young, care free,
your nose was itchy,
I taunted you ,
told you that meant you would kiss a fool,
and you did,
you kissed a true fool,
you leaned in quick,
eyes sparkling,
full of mischief,
your lips were warm,
my heart was yours,
my dear sweet friend,
how I loved you,
tenderly, truly, deeply,
where has innocence gone?
it has been forever and an age since I have seen you,
your eyes, your smile, your face…
I have cried so many times,
how my heart has ached,
you, my one true love,
so long ago,
so very long ago,
and always…


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

12 thoughts on “Love Poem

  1. Sometimes you wonder too … do they remember ….

    *gentle hugs*


  2. That was moving as it was beautiful…



  3. That was nice Andrea. 🙂



  4. Andrea …takes me back. Loved your nose was itchy line, beautifully penned 🙂


  5. Im fascinated with love stories as even the phases it brings
    You sound like you have a story, id love to hear, id share mine as well


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