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Now I know my ABC’s…



So Not quite Alice has passed the ABC award on over my way… (I don’t think it really is an award… maybe it’s more like a game??  like Blog Tag) Anyways I thought this one might be fun so I am going ahead and playing… I wrote out the alphabet and then jotted down the first word(s) that came to me for each letter (thinking about describing myself – or pertaining to myself)… then I adjusted as necessary… here goes…

A – Andrea (me!) – awesome, awkward and annoying (these also made my list…)

B – Beautiful

C – Cautious, complicated

D – Dragonflies

E – Empathetic, eloquent

F – Fuck! because sometimes it’s the only word that works….

G – Ghosts

H – Haunted

I – Intelligent

J – Juxtaposed, just be…

K – Kumquat, simply because I like the word

L – Love, love, and love

M – Music

N – Noisy – I am always making some sort of noise – humming, singing, something

O – Olives – I love olives, green, black, kalamata, stuffed, you name it I’ll eat it

P – Passive, polite – just don’t back me in a corner…

Q – Quiet – until I get to know you, then good luck shutting me up!!!

R – Real

S – Singing  ♪ la – la – la ♫

T – Trustworthy

U – Used

V – Vixen

W – Walking contradiction

X – eXcellent – I had to cheat on this one…

Y – Young – at heart anyways

Z – Zubrowka (zoo-broov-ka) – awesome polish buffalo grass vodka – I do not drink very often but…

And there you have it… now I know my ABC’s 😀 …

and I pass this along to:

Shaun, Irish Katie, Amber, MerBear, Faceatthewindow



Author: myspokenheart

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16 thoughts on “Now I know my ABC’s…

  1. S – Scottish Hunk
    H – Hilariously funny
    A – Adventurous
    U – Uninhabitable
    N – Nice

    I – Irresistible
    S – Sensual

    A – Arsehole
    N – Nobend

    A – Accident Prone
    R – Rebellious
    S – Sound Guy
    E- Enlightening
    H – Home Boy
    O – Omelette Lover
    L – Lively
    E – Eventful

    Is there a trophy?



  2. Oh…by the way, I am so going to play this game too nod nods….wooo wooo….posting probably on Monday or Tuesday nod nods….but a sneak preview…

    A – A hunky cabana man
    F – Feck! That is a hunky cabana man
    H – Hunky cabana man
    M – Mhunky cabana man (as I mentioned in an email … the M is silent lol)
    Z – Zowie! Yes….hunky cabana man on the brain lol

    (Pssttt…I am really NOT thinking about a hunky cabana man all the time … I just am being goofy *smiles*)


  3. Alright! I like what your chose for your words…even the ones I don;t like because…well, because it shows parts of you *smiles*

    But … I too like your F-word and your L-word (psstt…they are NOT the same damnit. *smirkles*)

    And I like your Singing one too yahhh.

    But …Vixen? Oh you saucey lady you *grins*


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  6. Yay! Thanks for accepting. I love your list!


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  8. spoken, I just think you are fandabtabulouslylovelylushington….I made a new word for you! That’s how good you are!!! xx


  9. Thank you by the way!


  10. *highfives* for Fuck! It was my word, too. 😀


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