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Thank you… Thank you very much… and the crowd goes wild…


This is a very much over due awards thank-you… I am NOT following any rules here… some of these are over a month in the waiting so I do apologize for taking so very long!!!

OK let’s start with saying I have 5 wonderful people to thank 🙂


Reality in Progress

My World My Blog My Life

Shaun – my Tartan wearing friend

Now these people have selected me for numerous Awards… some only 1 ~ one of them for 8… (you know who you are!!!)

So here is a list of the awards:

Shine on Award

Leibster Award

Beautiful Blogger Award

Epically Awesome Award of Awesomeness (this has got to be my favourite!!! 😀 )

2 – Dragon’s Loyalty Awards

2 – Team Member Readership Awards

3 – Very Inspiring Blogger Awards

I also got an ABC award which I think I may actually do

And I got the Booby Prize of Awards – Irish Katie’s Just Moved Award which was totally hilarious and completely undoable!!! Love you Katie…

Irish Katie

So I will nominate people and send out awards at some point but I have left this so darn long… I don’t even know what to do except to say thank-you to all of you, I love you guys and am so glad I have been able to touch you in some small way, and please know that you have touched me in return…


Author: myspokenheart

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3 thoughts on “Thank you… Thank you very much… and the crowd goes wild…

  1. Woohoooo!!!!


    That is a LOT of awards. But I think you deserve all of them nod nods. A

    And ….WHAT?!?!? … why was my Award undoable? *smirkles*


  2. Award me an award I don’t have 🙂

    And well done.. x


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