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Music tag and I’m it?!


My blog buddy Shaun posted some terrific music and I have been told it’s now my turn… so these two songs are my choice. They are great songs by a great newer band – Imagine Dragons…

hope they rock your socks πŸ™‚

and that’s all she wrote….


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11 thoughts on “Music tag and I’m it?!

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  3. I am debating if I am liking that first one or not. I mean …. I do like it. But I feel so anguished inside when I listen to the words. It feels like the person is hurting so much. So .. I like the music … the feelings it illicits in me though … I am debating. Perhaps tis too close to things I feel at times.


  4. Glad you were tagged I enjoyed both and it’s nice to listen to music or songs we haven’t heard before, this tagging should be continued on through the blogosphere! Singing ‘ it’s where my demons hide ‘. xx


  5. I love Imagine Dragons. It’s Time, “I’m never changing who I am” is one of my favorite lines. ❀


  6. These are lovely spoken: I like the first one…it reminds me of Coldplay a bit…do you like them? Hope your world is all dandy: I’ve got some catching up to do!! Hugs face πŸ˜‰


  7. greaaaat, especially the first one. great choice


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