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Hey guess what? It just so happens I’m not dead…


Well between moving, and my first week back to work after taking time off for the move I am finding myself WAY behind… I think I may be caught up on other people’s blogs… I have been reading lots in between chores, work, etc…  BUT I have yet…to… well uummmm… write a post…  Plus I have numerous thank-you’s for awards that I must attend to….

So I ask that today you indulge my laziness and accept this music post, and hopefully by next week things will have settled down and be a bit closer to normal for me (Hahahaha normal – well I did say normal for me… you can interpret that any way you like…)

The following four songs are all a bit on the mellow side (they kind of reflect the mood I’ve been in as of late), they are all songs I love, and I really hope you enjoy them…

Beautiful World – Tim Meyers:  This song is special to me, it was like a secret love message between me and my youngest when  my ex & I first separated, it was a confirmation that even though things were hard life was still good…

Collide (Acoustic) – Howie Day

Superman – Joe Brooks

I’m Yours – The Script:  this is one of my all time favorites, I find it beautiful (even though my kids say it’s boring)

Sing it Out – Switchfoot

and that is all for today 🙂


Author: myspokenheart

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3 thoughts on “Hey guess what? It just so happens I’m not dead…

  1. Huggsss…Welcome BACK !!!!

    I have not listend to the videos yet (I might have heard one of them acutally.)

    And … I beggged Amber not to bombard you with a bazillion postings. Did she listen? Noooooooooo!!

    I need to get you an email too … but work has been whamming on me lately too. But again…I am glad you are back…missed you. *huggers*


  2. I listened to all – and they brought an aaaah moment, so thank you sweetheart, we know you have been a busy girl and I hope you will settle soon and return to the fold. Take Care – Breathe in…breathe out 🙂 xx


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