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The “Big” move….


I have to admit I haven’t been around much the last few weeks, because I am in the midst of moving – in 2 days actually… I am eager to get it over with and yet completely freaking out because I just do not feel ready. Does one ever feel ready? I mean moves are a big deal aren’t they? You are choosing to upset your life and routine to relocate in new surroundings. There are adjustments to make, new idiosyncrasies that come with a new place, and new neighbours. I am only moving up the road and yet the distance of the move has in no way lessened the stress, or the amount of work involved, or even the cost for that matter. A short distance does not diminish the need to change your address with, well every-one, or to schedule the transfer of utilities, or to have to carry boxes and furniture up and down stairs. It is still work.

I wish I could be like bewitched or I dream of Genie and just “poof” done… oh well

I have thankfully booked some days off for getting settled. I even lucked out with my internet provider only having a one day lapse in service (that NEVER happens). Which means that hopefully I will be back on the blog-o-sphere doing my thing before the week is out.

Ciao for now all you wonderful people… be back soon ~ maybe even with photos…


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26 thoughts on “The “Big” move….

  1. Where’s the list for the guests? Calling attention to the list maker…yoo hoo where are you? Andrea I am sure is nice and settled and she need not have worried so, and now there will the virtual housewarming…one a certain lady find the list of invitees that is 😉


  2. pssssst….. I heard she is lost, she keeps going to her old house and forgets where she moved…..

    I think the map is packed…. *nods wisely*


  3. Oh yes yes … I believe she is still unpacking that Andrea is.

    I did get an email from her the other night too … maybe she was mentioning something about inviting everyone over for a house-warming PPPAARRRTTTYYYY !!!!

    OMG … hopefully we will not break things the movers were so careful with 🙂


  4. Don’t worry everyone, I have it on good authority that Andrea’s move went as planned. Of course the plans were packed and she can’t find the box they are in….

    but she will be back as soon as she finds them. 😉


  5. hey, bout to be doing the same myself, good luck, try to keep it fun, and remember to breathe.


    • well the stuff is moved, now for the go back to clean (my oh so favorite past) and the unpacking and organizing – which I actually kind of like… want to make it homey…

      good luck to you on your move… hope it goes without a hitch… 🙂


  6. On the upside, it’s a great chance to sort through and throw out stuff, to clear out old energy and start fresh 🙂 Have a great move and I hope you find time to just relax and enjoy the process as well.


  7. Huuggss…you know I would help if I could.

    And …omg…do you have ME tv? I think Bewitched is on … then I Dream of Jennie right after! lol

    Huugsssss you.


  8. Good luck – deep breaths all will be well in the land of ‘MSH’ xxxx


  9. Moving is rarely fun but can open great new experiences. Good luck on the move.


  10. Having moved several times myself, and from state to state, I know it is no fun. Good luck with it.


  11. Good Luck!! May it all go smoothly!


  12. good luck with the “BIG” moving 😀


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