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Tag ~ you’re it!!! No returns!!!


Do you remember playing freeze tag, or TV tag during recess? I do… It was soooo much fun. Well this is a game of virtual tag… and I have been tagged!!! By Miss Not Quite Alice

So this is how it works – at least how its been passed down to me:

1. Post the rules.….
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

Ok so this is me… FOR REAL…


Ok, now I’m suppose to tell you more about me… what don’t you already know?

1.  I like puns… it’s sad and pathetic I know… but I really do…
2.  I like reading – but a book has to really grab my attention or I will lose interest and abandon it.
3.  I love ethnic foods… middle eastern is one of my all time favourites ~ mmmmm calamari, falafels, tabouli…. *drools*
4.  Sleep is good and yet I always seem to stay up too late on the weekends and then spend the weeknites catching up, just to do it all again come the next weekend…
5.  I am always saying I am gonna buy a lottery ticket, but I never do… I also call scratch tickets scratch n loose
6.  I tried being a vegetarian for 2 years as a teenager… but I like meat… so I stopped
7.  I always thought I was a pet person but now for pretty much the first time in my life I do not have a pet, and guess what? I really like not having that responsibility.
8.  I like all kinds of music but I really prefer acoustic/unplugged stuff, sometimes even by raunchy bands…
9.   I do not play video games… of any kind … I suck at them and they hold no interest for me… I own an Xbox it was given to me – my kids play games I use it to watch movies…
10. I love the ocean… and have lived near it most of my life
11. I am bad at being decisive… I hate making decisions and usual answer with I don’t know? What do you think/want/etc…

Questions for me to answer….

1. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because seven, ate, nine… hee hee
2. Pluto, do you still think he’s a planet? Pluto is the guardian/ruler of Hades… he also represents wealth… which is weird… wealth and hell same god… hhmmmm…
3. Any car in the world… no money restrictions, what is it? Well I have always wanted to restore a VW bus… no money restrictions, it would be gorgeous… two-tone metallic cream and olive green, cream leather interior, wood accents inside, chrome accents outside, hand painted detailing… she’d be so pretty…
4. What happens when you mix those 2 chemicals on your left over there together? Chapstick and nose spray… you get soft lips and clear sinuses…  (not necessarily chemicals but close enough)
5. Sherlock or the Brain? Sherlock…
6. Why? I grew up watching Sherlock –  Sherlock Holmes – you know the ones with Jeremy Brett as Holmes… I love mysteries…
7. Black Keys or 3 Days Grace? Ok this is an interesting question because I have never really listened to either of these bands but had heard of them both… I am not into heavy metal which removes some of 3 Days stuff right away but I like his voice and their mellower stuff is really good, and I found I was even familiar with a bunch of the songs I just didn’t know it was them… BUT I quite liked the Keys bluesy sound… even though I felt their lyrics were kinda lacking… so I think I would need to listen to more before making a real decision – I think the biggest factor for me would be my mood at the given time…
8. Where did I leave my car keys? In the freezer…
9.  Why were my keys there? Because you bought ice cream – that you left it on the counter and put the keys in the freezer… you were having one of those moments…
10.  What is the Hokey Pokey really all about? It’s about putting things in and out and shaking them about… and I have nothing else to say about that
11. If Gambit married Rogue, what powers would their kids have? They would be able to borrow people’s super powers and kill them with their minds…

Ok the people on my torture… oops I mean tag list… mwahahahaha..ha..ha…. cough… choke… sputter…. nevermind…

Irish Katie

Angie’s Grapevine


Brandon Bored



Panda (ruleofstupid)   This is not an award so no rants allowed….


11 completely fantabulous questions for you… (I like the word it doesn’t really mean they are great questions)

1.  You are under attack by Zombies!!! Quick grab the first thing on your left!!! what did you just “kill” the zombies with??? (no cheating I will not accept answer like – subatomic machine guns…)

2. if you could have one nite (it doesn’t have to be sexual) with some-one famous who would it be?

3. Why?

4. What’s your favourite way to start the day?

5. Favourite comfort food?

6. That one thing you just can’t part with even though you know its long past due?

7. What made you start your blog?

8. How long have you had your blog?

9. Your greatest day!

10. One thing you would want accomplish if you knew time was short.

11. What colour are your eyes?


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15 thoughts on “Tag ~ you’re it!!! No returns!!!

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  2. Ok, so I am getting to this AFTER I did the tag thingy to others. Hugggsss. Sorry I have been so busy lately

    Now…getting to some of this. Jeremy Brett…he’s not dreamy…but I love watching him in Sherlock Holmes. It is sooooooo bizarre seeing him when he is younger…and later older. How long has he been playing that role???

    *then starts to sing*

    brain, brain, brain, brain … brain, brain, brain, brain …” lol…admitedly, we (the child and I) have watched that in the past lol.


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  4. sneaks in and “hugs” 🙂


  5. Good questions, good answers!


  6. It was really fun reading about you 🙂


  7. I absolutely Loved reading this blog! andrea you are my bestie but I find it always interesting to hear more and more about you! ❤ xoxooox


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