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Shine on you crazy diamond…


Thank-you to the ever lovely, uber funny, and completely wonderful Not Quite Alice over at My Rabbit Hole Trips for the Shine On award… shineon1

I am afraid that I hate rules, and these awards always come with a plethora of rules… WHY? Well this one only has three but that still feels restrictive and is too many, just saying….

1)      Link back to the blogger who nominated you… Easy enough – done  🙂

2)      Notify 15 bloggers – really 15? – and tell them how much they shine… OK not to be a party pooper here but last time I put that many links in one of my posts I got demoted to being SPAM and it took 2 months before I could post comments again… so how about let’s say 5 bloggers

Irish Katie

3)      Share some interesting facts about yourself or answer the questions given to you… hhhmmm interesting facts – interesting to who me or the reader… I am thinking that answering questions isn’t so bad….


Well I am thinking I will try the questions… so here we go…

1)      You have to buy me candy, what are you going to get me, and why? 

UntitledI would get you some Haribo GOLD – cute little gummy bears… because you said you liked them, (see I do actually READ your posts) I might also buy you some chocolate, because almost everyone likes chocolate and then I will offer to help you eat it – especially if you don’t happen to like it…

2)      Do you have any pets?

NO! I have had pets over the years, and currently I do not and I am good with it. As much as I love having a critter or two around I am allergic and I am a mother which means that I get to take care of it, and clean up after it even though I was promised that I would not have to… so NO I do not have any pets.

3)      What’s on TV Right now?

I have no idea as I am not near a TV….

4)      What number am I thinking of right now?

Uummm…. 2, no wait 8, how about 750? No uummmmm 1,000,000 cuz that’s the amount of dollars you would like in your bank account… (which is a coincidence cuz that’s the amount of dollars I would like in mine too)

5)      Favorite day of the year?

Yours or mine? I do not have a favorite day of the year… every day is brand new, a chance to be the favourite day, a clean sheet to be written and drawn all over… if you meant your favorite day? I have no idea…

6)      What’s in your awesome sauce?

My awesome sauce consists of a bit of sarcasm, a rainbow of colours, every song I’ve ever heard and liked, delicious food and warm sun, a field of wild flowers and a wee splash of amazeballs just because I like the word….


Ok some questions for you:

1)      Milk or dark chocolate and why?

2)      What is your favourite memory?

3)      What is the greatest song (or band) in your opinion? (and please back yourself up)

4)      If there were no limits and you could go anywhere you wanted to, right now, where would you go?

5)      Cheetah, eagle or dolphin?



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14 thoughts on “Shine on you crazy diamond…

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  2. I am soooo far behind. I want to answer the questions though. lol, wonder what that means. i will ask myself later I am busy now.

    Thank you Andrea. 🙂 *hugs*


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  4. Thanks so much! Doing my awards post now 🙂

    Your awesome sauce sounds mighty tasty!



  5. what no number 4??? nope just 3 rules… THREE too many!!!! no not really… oh Cillian awesomesauce… I put that s@#t on everything!!! hahaha!!!!


  6. List time!!!!

    1) Congratulations *smiles and hugs a plenty for you*

    2) Thank you for the recognition … that is sweet of you.

    3) That is an…errr…interesting gummy bear photo you have there … jaysus…now I have to find one too I suppose *grins*

    4) There is no #4…but I really want to get to #5

    5) Shouldn’t the awesome sauce also have a bit of Cillian in it? *smiles*


  7. Congratulations Andrea – loved your amazeballs sauce…my daughters say this all the time 😉


  8. My dear friend, I have nominated you The Sunshine Award! Congratulations! Please visit this


  9. Hehe. I love making up random questions for people, and then reading their answers.
    My favorite day is 3/14 (hello, Pi day, and Einsteins birthday) and also 3/17, because rivers become green and I like green.


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