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Moving… I hate moving…



I have moved more than most army brats could even imagine. I attended 7 different schools growing up, and have never lived in any one house for longer 3 years EVER, that’s right count them 1, 2, 3 years. And to boot I went and married someone who had what I call “itchy feet”. We moved almost annually. The grass was always greener somewhere we were not. So we would move, and of course the grass was not greener, we were still who we were and our troubles always followed us…

Needless to say I HATE moving. I cannot begin to explain how much I loathe the whole process of moving. Every little bit, the packing, the cleaning, dealing with utilities, keeping the house cleaner than usual for showing, the STRESS. However there is something to be said for moving on and starting a new phase in life, for getting rid of all the crap that accumulates. It is amazing how much junk you can collect in even as little as a year.

do you like my sign?

do you like my sign?

So guess what I am doing end of next month… come on guess… you don’t know? I am moving!!! OH Yay! My last move was a disaster. Nothing went as planned and because it was a big move – a long distance move for two families, mine and my eldest daughter’s – I was really hoping it would go as planned. It took three days to move – it would have been two days, but we missed our ferry, and then got lost and didn’t arrive at the new house until the wee hours of the morning and so we had to grab a hotel. This time it will be a much smaller, easier move, just a few blocks up the street.

Currently I share a house with my eldest daughter. We have been sharing for just over 1 ½ years. Her family lives in the basement suite while me and her two younger sisters live on the upper floor (currently my son is also with us, he has a mattress that goes in my living room – just please don’t ask).  We are cramped; the house is too small for so many people. We are stressed living in such tight quarters. And so we are all parting our ways. My eldest and her family are moving to Abbotsford (a 15 – 20 minute drive away). Her fiancé will be attending university there this coming fall. My son has to move out on his own or try to move back in with his dad, he is a young man now, 19 yrs old, and its time. It’s hard and sending one of your children out into the world is a difficult thing to do, but I know it will be good for him. In fact I know this move will be beneficial for all involved.

This house is cute...

This house is cute…

But it is still hard and I still hate moving. Perhaps I will feel differently about it when it is just me and my few belongings. Then maybe I can be a free spirit and travel staying for stints here and there… who knows that could be a lot of fun… or not. But for now I am limited by work and school as to where I shall live. I have 2 teenage girls to think about. Where I live – not just the house and the size of it, but also its locale – is important. One day those things won’t matter so much, and I will be able to live where I want in whatever I choose. But I am not there yet. (Besides who knows maybe by then it won’t be just me? But that is another train of thought and possibly another post for another time)

So for now, I am moving. Have I mentioned how much I HATE moving?

Maybe I'll just live in here and travel???

Maybe I’ll just live in here and travel???

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16 thoughts on “Moving… I hate moving…

  1. Moving is a challenge, but one way to make it a lot easier is to hire a couple of guys to help you load and unload your truck.


  2. Moving in general really does suck. I’m 16 and have lived in 11 different apartments/houses over my life. Although I have to agree, setting up the house for the first time is very fun & exciting but the process is a drag. I’m sure if they put a reality show on T.V named “Itchy Feet” and it was all about moving it would be a multi-million dollar show. Almost every single move in my life has been total chaos and probably for everyone else as well. I remember the first night we had our 10th apartment. I fell asleep on the floor while my Mother was banging on the outside window because they couldn’t get inside. Did I mention it was also snowing outside? LOL! She had to pay $90 to have management cut the lock. Oh lord…The joy of moving!


  3. Good luck, I hope it goes better than your last move 😀


  4. Andrea lovely, yes I think you mentioned once or perhaps twice how you hate moving, but fresh start, time to throw away things that you have hoarded, kept with you, start anew. Apart from the packing up and organising it requires,which I feel you are good at, then think ahead to the excitement of starting in a new place with more room to breathe and be yourself 🙂 xxx


  5. Whilst you hate moving …THIS one will be good. You are moving closer to your bestie …. and the place sounds MARVELOUS to me nod nods. You will have your own space …. and when I come to visit…we will have a FIREPLACE to roast marshmellows!

    *sneaks and says, “c”…and wonders if you understand hahahaha*


  6. I hear you on hating moving….it’s such a process! But I have “itchy feet” so ummmmmm yeah lol….this move is going to be great for you and the girls 🙂 well for everyone, actually. I’m glad we’ll be even closer now!


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  8. I can’t imagine moving again. I do like the fresh starts tho. And i love setting up the house for the first time!


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  10. Andrea do you like to move? *omg… runsssssssssssss*

    Moving is tough, when you move lots it is hard to fit in, even if welcomed by neighbours you feel like an outsider, that comfort takes years. ……….and all that packing…. and unpacking.. omg that is terrible.

    But a fresh start for you could be exciting, are you excited a bit?

    oh oh oh… points out I didn’t even ask…:-)

    *big hugs*


  11. Wow, what a full house! How many people are in the house total? I am from Sweden and we are very individualistic so having that many relatives in a house just wouldn’t happen. Interesting how cultures can be so different!


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