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Take a look at my boyfriend…. or not…


♪Take a look at my boyfriend… He’s the only one I got…. ♫
Not much of a boyfriend… ♪I never seem to get a lot…

Well if I was to be completely truthful I never get any as I don’t have a boyfriend… but that may very well be a case of TMI (Too Much Information – for those not up on their internet acronym lingo). So Valentine’s Day or SAD as some are calling it, is nearly over… (I am sorry I appear to be really liking acronyms today – Singles Awareness Day – or maybe it should be “I am Single and very Aware of it Day”???) anyways I survived!!!

OK so today I had a chat with a close friend of mine (do emails count as chatting?) we are both single ladies, and have been for awhile, and we have both found ourselves actually feeling content in our situation. I think this is the first step towards being whole and healthy.

In the beginning – right after my marriage break-up – I was good with being single, you know FREEDOM! at least that’s what I was trying to convince myself of, but a few months later I started finding myself missing companionship and wanting someone to pre-occupy my time so that I would not have time to focus on… well… ummm…. me! But I knew that was not healthy. I knew I had to learn to like me, and to be comfortable with me. And I am realizing that I am getting there. Don’t get me wrong, I want a relationship, of course I do. The human condition is one of desiring love and acceptance from other human beings.  But I do not need a relationship to validate me as a person.

And that is the best Valentine I have gotten in a long time…

Cupid’s Chokehold – Gym Class Heroes



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2 thoughts on “Take a look at my boyfriend…. or not…

  1. It’s good to have close friends to gab with *smiles* … and I think the email friends count nod nods. This must be a special person…yah for friends!

    Anyway….it is good that you are finding yourself …and finding that that person is good…and good enough to spend time with *warm smile*

    Ok…last night I listened to a few more songs…the ‘nice’ ones…the daughter is home! lol….but I will listen to more nod nods.


    Next up…EASTER…and choco eggs!


  2. No you do not a relationship for validation. To find inner happiness within your own company is the best relationship we can have. xxx


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