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Thank-you, thank-you…


ImageThank-you Not Quite Alice! It is so nice to be thought of as inspiring…  I am glad that  I make you smile… I am not going to follow any of the rules today. (I must be a rebel in disguise here – I certainly do not look like a rebel, and I doubt I act much like one either.)

I just wanted to thank Not quite Alice for the recognition. If you have not been over to her side of the rabbit hole yet, its definitely worth taking a gander. There is lots to find there. Sometimes funny, sometimes just raw, real and gritty.

Again Thanks Hun for the Award.


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

5 thoughts on “Thank-you, thank-you…

  1. I have decided to do “list” comments for the next few I do haha.

    1) CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! You ARE ‘Inspiring’ … and not just with your blogs *smiles*

    2) You mentioned to Not Quite Alice that, “I am not going to follow any of the rules today.” …. omg…you have always been a rebel *smirkles* …. but a rebel I love *yahhhh*

    3) There is no #3 …. but as I have said before…if I make a list, it has to have at LEAST 3 items in it.

    4) ..ohh…bonus one. But … CONGRATULATIONS again Andrea *huggs*


  2. Congratulations! It seems befitting for your spoken heart! 🙂


  3. Congratulations Andrea well deserved 🙂 x


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