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They’ll suck you dry if you let them….


It’s funny how we seem to think that mythical, supernatural creatures do not really exist. We see them in movies, we read about them in books, and then we shrug it off, because after all they are not real, right? Well… right? You know they just can’t be real. Creatures like that do not, cannot, exist.  Well I happen to believe they do. Just not the way we have been taught. I have told you my opinion regarding the living dead, or zombies. I told you how it is that they hide amongst us, surround us every day living, working right next to us, trudging through a meaningless life, merely existing to face each day with no enthusiasm, no love, no joy.

Well now Iteeth am going to tell you all about their counterpart – Vampires! I believe they are real too. They too are a form of living dead. Except that they revitalize themselves by sucking the life force out of others. They are horrible, sneaky, manipulative creatures. They disguise themselves as friends and lovers. They generally are the center of attention, attractive, fun, outgoing, and sexy. They tend to be very charming. Upon first meeting one of these unholy nite-stalkers you will find yourself drawn right in. But you will quickly find that the only true friend, true love, they really have is themselves. They, like the zombie, are emotionally dead, but unlike their counterpart they have found a way to replenish their life force. They suck it from their ‘friends’. They drink down emotions, in the beginning they take their time, like some old guy in a velvet smoking jacket sipping an aged cognac. But eventually they will drain your energy at the same rate as college student doing jello shots. Oh yeah, they will leave you flat, gasping for air.

We have all had ‘that’ friend in our life. You know the one I am talking about. The one who seems to carry drama around with them. The one always in crisis. The one who comes in like a whirlwind, all look at me, help me, I need you, I love you, what would I ever do without you, and you try to help and support yet when all is said and done you are left absolutely exhausted, wondering what the hell just hit you. Yeah ‘that’ friend. That friend is a malevolent spiritual being, who is sustaining their life by feeding off of yours.

Once you get past the glamour and the glitz, you find they are often self-centered, highly critical, moody, erratic individuals. And you are trapped. They are the kind that push all boundaries, and yet do in such a way that you don’t even realize what’s happened until after the fact. You start dreading hearing their voice over the phone, or seeing their face outside the window, you just want them to leave you alone but they won’t take no for an answer and always seem to manipulate the situation so that they get what they want, when they want and how they want. It’s kind of funny you think they would be happy getting things their way all the time, but they are not. In actuality they are lonely, depressed, confused individuals and despite the appearance of great confidence they often have little, to no sense of self worth at all. And here’s the kicker, you can’t help them, or change them. All you can do is let it go and walk away. If you don’t, they will own you, and suck you dry…

vampires do not sparkle

That’s what Vampires do right… suck you dry…

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41 thoughts on “They’ll suck you dry if you let them….

  1. I had one friend like that a long time ago. I’m glad we no longer speak. It was like I had to babysit her for every little minor occurrence in her life. If I made a lunch date with her once then we had to have a lunch date every single day. If I didn’t feel like going out she would invite herself over. And stay. All night. Then she’d go to work in the morning and call me one her lunch break. If I said no, she would ask why. If I texted someone or called someone in her presence she would ask who I was calling and texting. Once a friend left a jacket at my house and she asked me who’s it was. Drove me nuts. Good riddance.


    • I have to say I almost laugh reading this – not that it is actually funny, but just that I’ve been there done that and it is soooo draining… after awhile you are always on edge, walking on egg shells around the person… you summed it up well – Good riddance!


  2. I’m still trying to stop laughing from the banter between you and all your followers! I want a Vampire – the J. Depp kind…. xx


  3. I am with you up till the ‘can’t help them’ – sometimes you can, but they’ll hate you for it… which can be a win / win if you’re sick of them anyway!?


  4. Well that made for an enjoyable car read. Surely all these myths were, much like the Greek gods, created to personify some sort of, or lack thereof, human emotion?


  5. That is quite the piece of metaphoric writing … I love it. Though … does not like the thought of anyone abusing and draining you.

    Agrees with others …agrees with Amber .. be strong.

    How though? How to combat against the dark forces of a one-sided friendship? Well … another metaphor …

    Look to good things. Be happy and positive. Step into the light and leave the dark behind. Because as we all know, when you step into the light, the vampires will not follow.

    (Ok … bad cheesy metaphor…but work with me here damnit.)



  6. Completely agree with both the zombie and vampire. They’re both in my life.


  7. eeeeeeps!

    wait.. there is jello shots?

    think you need a hug *HUGSSSSSSSSS* 🙂

    so…. where are the jello shots? 😉


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