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Two Poems


I’m Fine
I thought

it was safe here

perhaps not

not safe anywhere


hide again

mouth shut

be quiet

talk too much

eyes sting

bite tongue

breathe deep

clench fists

pace the floor

slam doors

gently rock

sing a song…

put on a mask

stand up straight

head held high



tell the lie

“I’m fine”


So tired
Too tired

You drain me…
Life blood
Drips down
Creates a pool
Lifeless crimson

Take my hand
Gently kiss
Give it freely
Instead you cut
Make me bleed

A pool grows
Precious drops
Create ripples

My crippled soul

Sticky fingers
Touch my lips
Metallic salt
On my tongue

“Snow White”
Softly whispered
Pale skin
Dark hair
Bloodstained crimson lips

“Meets the living dead”
Dark circles
Around eyes
Tired eyes
So tired
Too tired


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

11 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. xx
    “Snow White”
    Softly whispered
    Pale skin
    Dark hair
    Bloodstained crimson lips

    this …I loved this


  2. *hugs* they are full of deep emotion and a lot of despair. I too, confess a concern. 🙂

    The effect of both together is very profound. It is time for a good day now I think.


  3. One thought – I liked how you physically placed that … visually it was great. (I might try to copy the styling one day if you don’t mind)

    Other thought – Where did this come from … am I going to need to tell you to email me????

    Yet other thought – They are both wonderful…taken separately … and together. In a sad way.


    • Thanks Katie:

      first thought – I put it in WORD in a 2 column table and then copied it into wordpress…. go ahead and copy away…

      second thought – all is good but of course I will email you anyways… “I’m Fine” was written after receiving some criticism I wasn’t ready to get, and “Exhaustion” was written the same day as “the VERY BAD day”…

      and yet another thought – they aren’t really meant to go together per se but I wanted to post them both and felt they complimented one another in a way… Thanks for liking them…


  4. wow!!…very deep Poems…written with such description and raw feelings…. ❤


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