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The VERY BAD day…


We all have bad days. Some days feel like the universe is against us, they are just that bad. At least that’s how they feel. So do we hide our head and give up? Or do we get surly? Or maybe we just smile and carry on anyways?

Yesterday was one of the WORST days I have had in a very long time… all of it completely circumstantial. I woke up late… off to a good start… only to discover my roof was leaking and that the island in the kitchen was covered in water – it was coming in via the light fixture. Oh Yay! Then when I was about to leave for work, I noticed the literal mountain of dog poo on my stairs – these are interior stairs with carpet – I do not own any pets, my daughter (who lives in the suite downstairs) however has a dog who was, based on the consistency of said poo, not feeling very well… OK Not my problem I am gonna be late if I try to do anything about it now, she will have to deal with it. Then I had a fairly productive morning – except that my computer kept timing out and then while trying to assist a client my computer decided to crash… OK, just breathe, I can work with this… Then my ex headed over to my place to see the kids… whatever I’m at work… (he also checked out my roof, once upon a time he was a roofer), needs to be replaced already knew that – thank goodness I rent…

dear lifeOK so I get home from work and one of my kids wants to talk to me in private so we head to my room… only to discover that my daughter’s cat also is not feeling well and has had diarrhea all over my freaking bed!!! (It smelt sooo bad – yes the same daughter who owns the dog). Basically I walked into the room and let out a few fairly loud expletives that were kind of a cross between a yell and a cry, or maybe a whine, it went something like this “Oh F#@K ME!!! are you F#@king serious!!!”  I am thankful to say I had a throw blanket on my bed and that after a very thorough investigation, and some poo on my  hand, I found my actual comforter and sheets etc were unaffected – I have thrown the throw blanket out, and scrubbed my hands repeatedly! Oh and in the midst of all this my landlord called and said he was coming over to check the roof himself… OK once upon a time he was a framer and he is convinced the problem is with the eaves/gutters and not the roof I held my breath praying that he and my ex did not get into a row, (sheesh!) they did not, thank you God! – did I mention my house was messy and cluttered and unorganized as I am still sorting Christmas crap before putting it all away for next year… the landlord never asks to come by when the house is clean… Why is that?

And yet in spite of all this it wasn’t really that bad of a day. Yes I reacted badly yesterday. Yes I wanted to cry, crawl in a hole and pretend the world did not exist. Yes with each of these crises I couldn’t imagine it getting any worse. And yet I wrote a poem, I chatted with my bestie on the phone, I got into a book, I ate a decent dinner, I hugged my kids, no one died, no one was hurt, the only thing that really was a challenge was the struggle I was having with my attitude through it all. I kept feeling snarly and picking up the pity party invitation.

Why is it so easy to let the world fall apart as soon as something goes wrong? I mean really it had the potential to be so much worse. Why did I feel the need to indulge in feeling sorry for myself, getting angry and to let my head space be invaded by negative thinking? There were good things happening throughout the day, why could I not see those things at the time?

Hhhmmm, there is something to think about. I just may have to adjust my attitude on my next bad day, it’s all a matter of perspective… right?

Bad Day – Daniel Powter


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22 thoughts on “The VERY BAD day…

  1. It made for a great story. At your expense, yeah, but it’s over … and, it can be kind of funny to think about it now. 🙂 At least that’s the kind of story I tell people if I want to make them laugh.


    • I think if it had been some-one else’s day I may have found it amusing…. but it was mine… seriously though I can look at now that there is a bit of space between me and it and realize it could have been so much worse… and it was actually kind of funny… one day I will tell it to some-one having a bad day and hopefully make them smile and feel better…. 🙂


      • Exactly! I didn’t mean to sound insensitive or anything like that. But sometimes these kinds of things align so perfectly, that I can’t help but see the humor in them … after a while, as you point out 🙂 For example, I’m very particular about the way my music systems sound and, on Christmas day one of my high-end speakers at home developed a loud and annoying hiss. I researched and it turned out it’s blown and will have to get a new pair (not available as single speakers). Later, I get in my car, and the driver’s side speaker suddenly just started to rattle (blown). To top it off, the headphone connection on my phone (sort of last resort for music) starts to glitch out! What are the chances? So, no poop in that story, fortunately, but it made for a bad day (not as bad as yours, but still). 🙂


  2. Monumentally bad day: I mean, truly spectacular and poo filled. Eeks…Poor love. Hope that these nasty days are rare for someone as lovely as you…*hugs* FatW


  3. Sometimes, its the bad days that make us appreciate the normal and good things in life even more. Our mind works in mysterious ways. 😀


  4. Life and even minuscule moments mess with our heads. You had a shit day and today/tomorrow will be better. Deep breath lovely one and soldier on. I have been there and yes it sucks. When I think of how my bad day has been I think of my girlfriend with her autistic daughter and the battles she has had for 26 years. Or another girlfriend with a disabled daughter whom she has to shower and dress at 19… then I think I shouldn’t complain. It’s only natural to think our world crumbles and we are having it bad.. we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t …but if we look at the big picture and those that are worse of than us, it kind of puts it in perspective. Do not beat yourself for the incidentals that happen, have a mantra…” tomorrow better” *hugs hugs* xx


  5. More ((HUGS))
    If your world is always pink, blue will surprise you – even though blue is just blue.
    We get caught up in the everyday – and there are beliefs about how things should be – so we get caught in them too. It’s so easy to forget the world is bigger than our small lives. Then when it goes ‘wrong’ in small ways we flip out. It’s okay. We all do it. Just don’t flip out at yourself for flipping out, cause that’s energy you don’t have to waste!
    Seriously hope there are no more poo disasters for you though – nasty!


    • thanx for the hug I love hugs!!! (even cyber hugs from crazy British Pandas)

      No poo disasters… today was a good day and the sun even chose to shine… It’s been like a week… and no I will not beat myself up… but next time I will try to remember to find the good in the moment – instead of seeing it after the fact… but I am glad to hear that we all fall short – you included! 🙂 (p.s. I already knew that – shhhh I won’t tell)


  6. Hey you…*hugs*

    Knows your day yesterday was sucky … but I read it here again … and I watched your video ….

    After I watched your video … I thought … just a bad day …. but there has got to be good one’s too right?

    Because you had a bad day
    You’re taking one down
    You sing a sad song just to turn it around
    You say you don’t know
    You tell me don’t lie
    You work at a smile and you go for a ride
    You had a bad day
    The camera don’t lie
    You hurry back down and you really don’t mind
    You had a bad day

    And a verse from me then …

    Because you had a bad day
    You’re needing some good
    You need a good friend and ifin I could
    You say you don’t know
    You say it takes time
    You say that it’s fine and you try not to fall
    You had a bad day
    The poopie don’t lie
    I’ll tell your right now that if you want I’ll just call
    You had a bad day

    I hope your day went better today.


  7. awww, it is easy to say smile and move on.. but when tested over and over, on some days it just becomes way too much. I think the best thing is, that you rent. gawds.. to add the cost of a roof repair would make a bad day just unspeakable. so see? t’was not such a bad day.

    awww, poor puppy and kitty. hmmm both the same owner, think there is something related to that… bad food or not washing their water dish?

    oh and the best thing about your bad day…. it was yesterday 🙂


  8. I could cope with all that, apart from the dog and cat mess. That would push me too much.

    I think you did very well.



  9. Awwww… Hope you having a great day today.. 🙂 It sure is a matter of perspective and we are only humans to feel bad and sorry for ourselves at times.. Some times in hindsight a bad day doesn’t typically be bad as well as you said.. I clearly have my days too.. good, bad ,, worse.. 🙂


    • well I have a much better week since… and I have to say sometimes a blue funk pity party feels good and sometimes… well… not…. but yes hindsight I look now and htink meh… at the tiem I was like “seriously?? You’re kidding right?”


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