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Les Miserables…


This past Saturday I went with my two younger daughters to see Les Miserables. It was supposed to be with all three of my girls but sadly my eldest couldn’t make it. It was a lovely time out however, and perhaps next time all four of us will be able to make it out. But back to the movie…

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

I will not get into any details about the actual movie itself as not to spoil it for those who are wishing to see it. Anyways I have to start by admitting the show was not entirely what I expected. I knew it was a musical, and had been forewarned that there was A LOT of singing in it, but I did not really anticipate that there would be maybe 20 spoken words throughout the movie’s entirety. I was also aware that it was an epic tale of sorrow (I mean come on now, what can one expect when the name Les Miserables literally means the miserable ones) but I was already crying within the first 5 to 10 minutes. I silently let the tears stream down my face at least 4 times during the movie and honestly if I had been somewhere private watching it I probably would have out ‘n out bawled through its entirety.  (Puffy, red eyes, nose running, soft sobs and sniffles – wouldn’t that have been lovely)

As for the content of the show I would say it was very good, great even. If you are not familiar with the story it is an absolutely beautiful yet heart-rending tale of human endurance. It is a poignant tragedy that sparkles with hope. Les Miserables does a beautiful job of juxtaposing the horrific rottenness of extreme poverty and prejudiced judgement against those suffering, and the greatness that one simple act of compassion can bestow and how both of these can affect the human condition. It is about the battle of good and evil within all of us. It captured the conflict of perceived justice versus true repentance and forgiveness; and how we cannot and must not think that we can judge another’s heart or motives. The story shows us how some will cave to the prejudice of the world giving up hope, allowing it to direct our path; while another will rise to the occasion and overcome.  Somehow against all odds in the face of deepest poverty and judgment when shown a little kindness some are able to find their faith let it flourish and triumph over the stamp of condemnation placed upon them.

This movie had a little bit of everything in it (I really must read the book). It is a deep underlying tale of human triumph and defeat while combing small moments of humorous relief, scenes of valiant bravery and complete and utter misfortune. And off course what movie is complete without the love at first sight romance? With a bittersweet ending that was in many ways smacking with reality rather than the all too expected Hollywood endings of most movies today I found it highly moving, and inspirational.

Les Miserables: I personally recommend it.


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21 thoughts on “Les Miserables…

  1. Would it be ok for a mature 10 yr old?


  2. Thanks for that review. I would really like to watch it.



  3. Loved your post and am very keen to watch this movie now. Though will make sure I get lots of tissues with me. Thanks for sharing it 🙂


  4. After watching the movie, I hope to see the musical!

    Anne Hathaway is amazing in the movie! The acting, the singing, the look in her final scene! Gosh!


  5. Hi sweet- yes we saw it last week …I too didn’t think practically every word would be sung – Russell was ok when he actually tried to hit and maintain a note but when he sang for the speaking parts ..of dear lordy me …but Anne Hathaway – sheer and utter brilliance. My only other little annoyance was that it went on so long, but the acting from everyone was amazing.x

    Yes should be ok for 13 yr old Katie.. there are a few *scenes* but nothing to graphic (depends on what she has seen already) 🙂


    • Ok …. thanks Mumsy ….I am hoping Rach will want to see it with me … though in reality … I am not sure it is her type of movie … but one can hope!


    • Yes Russell is not a singer… but I kind of expected more from Mr Jackman…

      I actually didn’t mind the length of it… my one annoyance was that it was set in France and that one cute little orphan kid sang his little heart out with a strong British accent… but I just overlooked it – (he was very good but why couldn’t they do a french accent).


  6. Ok ok ok ok … I will go and see it! I love musicals … I love good movies that make me cry …AND make me think….and this movie sounds as if it has all of that.

    Uhmmm…I have not read any reviews … is it okay for a 13 yr old?

    By the way… a most excellent review nod nod nods.


    • I took my two youngest (13 and 15) and they loved it. I think it is a fine movie for that age bracket – it does depict some of the darker side of life but not in a highly graphic way… If Rach likes musicals she will enjoy it 🙂


  7. Oh Wow. I’ve been waiting to watch this movie for sometime. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Thanks for a great review! 🙂


  8. 20 words of dialogue not sung? Eww. I wanted to go and see it, though on that analysis, and despite your recommendation, I might pass. Too much singing can kill any movie in my books.


    • oh now my dear weird human don’t be that way… whats wrong with musicals?? The movie is the on screen adaption of the 1980’s musical which was originally in French (not really an opera but…) I mean seriously what else could you expect?

      But as you may have noticed in my recommendation here I didn’t get into the musical part of it but rather focused on the story itself which I was greatly impressed by.

      As far as the musical part of it goes, I was blown away to learn that it was all performed and recorded live – in other words not pre-recorded in a studio and then lip-synched. Keeping that in mind it was absolutely phenomenal – Ann Hathaway was the vocal shining star in her part as Fantine, as was the girl who played young Cosette and Samantha Barks as Eponine (who by the way performed Eponine in the on stage production as well). Russell Crowe is by no means a singer yet had beautiful tones to his voice and Hugh Jackman – who I have heard recorded before and had really liked his voice – had a strained voice but it suited and helped in building his character. Eddie Redmayne (Marius) did a lovely job of his vocals as well.

      OK so I like musicals… what can I say? I won’t knock you if you choose not to see it but I do think if you think that if you can bear it then go with an open mind looking at the story being told… because there is the real beauty 🙂


      • Well, frankly, I’m just naturally not a musical person. Except for the movie Grease, I really did enjoy that, enough to say that it’s one of my favourite movies of all time.

        I think I’m going to go and see it with the lady, cause, well, she just really wants to see it. I dont know. Maybe this will change my whole perspective on musicals? We shall soon find out. I’ll let you know what I thought!


  9. Books are always so much better than the movie, The book then, must be magnificent. Did your Daughters like it?


  10. I can’t wait to see it!! Glad you enjoyed it!! I’m with Jen after reading your comments I REALLY want to go and see it 🙂


  11. I really want to see this, and your comments make me want to see it more… thank you


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