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In response to a challenge


Today Fierce Panda over at Rule of Stupid, proposed a challenge on his post Real to Real – A Poem. It went something like this: find a string of comments on one of your posts and make a poem out of it. He added to try to edit it as little as possible if you can…
this is what I got from his and my banter on my post 3 months and mixed up puzzles…

Dancing with words… a poem

…the irony is that
the final picture is
one of those bloody “magic eye” things
and you can lose years
staring up your own tract
trying to work out
what the hell it’s supposed to be!

it has felt wonderful to meet
so many lovely people,
yourself most assuredly included

I do not want to become stagnant
staring at the puzzle
missing out on life…
there is a always a catch 22…
and you are definitely
among the ranks
as one of the wonderfuls…

or you will make me shy
My friend wants me to tell you
he thinks you’re nice

does your friend comment
whilst hiding behind
mother’s skirts

Alas my friend is an orphan,
but he married into riches
people riches, that is.

well your friend and I
have one thing
in common then…

my friend offers you a hug
from one orphan to another
you can’t be as lovely
as you are
and not draw love into your life…

now its my turn to blush
but thanx for the hug
I like hugs…


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

13 thoughts on “In response to a challenge

  1. I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”



  2. I’d have known this was you and panda talking: lovely stuff!! 😀


  3. I really liked how this turned out.


  4. OMG….I want to try this. That was super awesome. How on earth did you do that?!?!?!?!?

    Should I leave random phrases here now so you can do it again. Ok ok…leaves random phrase in case you need them haha

    You are my friend and I won’t hear another word about it.
    Yes, my obgyn told me to eat the soup.
    Oh my god there’s a bug in the water.
    Dog and cats have 4 legs, and so does the chair I am sitting on.

    hehe … I am in suchhhh a silly mood.


  5. It’s kind of cool isn’t it! I like the result. That it says “you” addressing the reader has an interesting effect. Can you post a link in a comment on my page so I don’t forget when I decide the winner 🙂


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