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leaving comments & technical difficulties…


This is just a quick post just to let all the wonderful people out there that come by and visit my blog, and to all those whose blogs I read and so often comment on that I am experiencing technical difficulties as of yesterday afternoon – December 2nd. It appears all of my comments to your blog posts are being classed as SPAM! (even my request to the wordpress forum went to their spam file!) Happily the wonderful volunteers that run the forum are looking into it… but I am not sure what that really means, or how long that will take… If they can’t fix it I’m not sure what my next move will be. I just don’t want anyone thinking I am being a snob… I had left several comments on various blogs yesterday afternoon before I realized that they were not going through… so unless you check your spam folder you won’t see them… sorry folks. 😦

Hopefully this will be cleared up soon… in the meantime happy blogging to you all and I will continue to hit that ‘like’ button.


Author: myspokenheart

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14 thoughts on “leaving comments & technical difficulties…

  1. How dare they…they shall be punished.


  2. Hmmm…I know you wrote to me about this the other day. I do not seem to be getting any notices lately … not even in my spam box. Hmmmm…..I think my wordpress notifications are going wonky.

    Anyway … you are never, ever spam to me *huggs*


  3. You are far too classy to be spam! Hope it’s sorted soon lovely one 🙂


  4. Don’t worry, you were in such auspicious company today as German penis-enhancers and a dyslexic SEO vendor. My spam-box is a fun place!
    Hope they fix it soon 🙂


  5. I found you in my spam :-)… but while you are in there, could you talk to the real spammers and ask them to stop. lol.

    as long as I found you.



  6. You’re such “like” and comment spammer, even wordpress filters think it’s crazy!
    Just kidding, you are great 🙂


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