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Awards week, I’d like to say thank-you…


So over the last few days MySpokenHeart has been recognized by four of my fellow bloggers. Now I am not very good at following the rules with accepting these awards (I’m not even good at accepting them at all), and as I know they are not actually endorsed by wordpress, but rather have been created by bloggers for bloggers I know that we can accept them as we see fit.  (Somehow knowing that the awards have created created by bloggers for bloggers kinda makes them feel a little more personal perhaps.)

OK so I am going to list the awards in order by date/time received.  Also the three different awards (one there were 2 nominations) all have different rules for acceptance. So here is what  I am going to, I am going to kind of combine and adjust the rules. So my combined/adjusted rules look something like this:

  1. Post logo for award.
  2. Thank, and link back to the blogger who nominated me for the award.
  3. I will do 8 nominations in total.
  4. and I am going to list only 5 things about myself.

Ok so here we go…

Beautiful Blogger awardbeautiful-blogger-award1

Thank you so much Sensousamberville  it means a lot to be recognized by you.

Also Miss Jenthewallflower I am so happy that you have found something worthwhile here thank you.

  1. Nik Silva – He hasn’t been around much recently but I really appreciate and  regularly look for his posts when he makes them.
  2. Wholeyjeans – She is great, I relate to her posts and think she is just beautiful.
  3. John Mitchell – His stories and writings are fabulous, they are downright gritty and honest.
  4. Irish Katie – Because she is beautiful and has shared so much, and so kind in her comments with others.
  5. Faceatthewindow – I think she is just lovely, her posts are honest, and she has so much to offer.

Sunshine Blogger award   sunshine blogger

This award is special in that it came from someone I only recently discovered, I am not sure how long she has known about me, but am so glad I found her. Thank you to Combat Babe over at Succexy.

  1. My Blog with Pretty Pictures – I just love how they have captured the world around them.
  2. It’s my blog, innit… – He’s funny, insightful, and always worth the read.


Blogger of the Year award (2012)

This one comes from a blogger who has actually become a wonderful friend to me. I thank you Irish Katie, for both the award and for becoming my friend.

  1. Come November – She is a truly beautiful person. I give her this award because of the courage it takes to share her personal experiences and life with us, and I know she is finding healing through her journey.

OK now 5 things about little ol’ me here at MySpokenHeart:

  1. For the first time in years I do not have a dog. And I am so thankful. don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like animals but they are a lot of work and responsibility, and I always end up the one doing it all (in spite of the promises from the kids). So maybe later I will look at getting another dog, you know when they kids are all gone and I can give it the attention and love it really needs.
  2. I hate going to the doctor. to the point where I seem to be more male than female in this department. I am the tough guy, until I am really sick of course. Then I just want someone to baby  me and take care of my needs but shhhh don’t tell anybody.
  3. I am not really a girlie girl. What does that mean? Well it means things like painted nails, high heels and panty hose are for special occasions. I only own a hair dryer because my one of my daughters asked me to get one. I don’t really wear jewelry, you know that kind of stuff.
  4. I am an introvert. That does not mean I don’t like people, am antisocial or that I am shy. It means I’m not overly comfortable in large crowds. I am actually very social and do really well in one-on-one and small groups. It also means that I need regular alone time to recharge my emotional battery.
  5. I love touching and reaching people, it makes my life feel worthwhile. It reminds me why it’s important to remember the small things, to be kind (even if I’m having a shitty day), and to always look for silver linings and miracles.

Oh and I just want to say to my dear Panda friend over at Ruleofstupid – I was gonna nominate you but I didn’t want to be the focus of one of your lovely rants! maybe next time… 😉


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20 thoughts on “Awards week, I’d like to say thank-you…

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  2. *smiles* … yahhhhhh you!!!! (By the way … thank you for mentioning and giving me an award too)….

    The friendship we have forged is something I too treasure. A lot. Wait no…make that, a LOT.

    *looks at your 5 things and smiles* …. they are good 5 things. And next time … I am coming up there to get you some soup when you are not feeling well damnit! hugggsss*


  3. Congratulation.jalal


  4. Three in a row! I’m sure that means a gameshow prize or something! Congrats – in secret my soft side is happy for you 😉
    Anywho – I’m glad you didn’t nominate me too, as I think you’re very lovely and the conflict between that and my rant promise may have led to me exploding! On the other hand, thankyou for the mention. ((Hugs))


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  6. Congrats Andrea! I am very proud ❤ you deserve the recognition!


  7. Congratulations and thanks for the nomination. On the subject of introversion, here’s a link to a conference/talk on that topic that I thought was quite interesting:


  8. They are all well deserved Andrea. 🙂

    *Big hugs*


  9. Congats and thanks! :o)


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  11. Well deserved rewards…I enjoyed reading this and getting to know you a bit better and re No 5, it’s clear that you’re succeeding… hugs 😉


  12. Congratulations for your rewards, from another introvert, who also requires time to recharge. 🙂


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