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Depression… (now is not my time)


Death has surrounded me,
Hedged me in on every side,
Long grey tentacles encircle me,
Silently embracing my wrists and ankles,
A shapeless form caresses me,
Envelopes me in every shade of depression,
I am showered with its presence,
Crooning gently he whispers lies,
Lulling me, soothing me,
Despair calls me by name,
I am overwhelmed…

…I cry out to the wind…
…I scream into the void…

Death you cannot have me!
Now is not my time!

Fire – 2008
Medium – pencil crayon


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

19 thoughts on “Depression… (now is not my time)

  1. I love this. It is so accurate in those feelings that are hard to pinpoint. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it and your honesty.


  2. Aye …. we fight … and we shall win.

    Question … as I have seen your drawing before … was this poem new? Or written when you did this drawing?

    *mostly gives you a hug though … because friends help us to fight … and hugs help us too.*


    • We fight and we shall win!!! VICTORY IS OURS!!!

      yes Miss Katie you have seen this picture before… I drew at a time when life was very hard – the months prior to my separation… drawing was my release and I actually did a lot of drawing at that time… yes constant drawing and journaling pretty much kept me sane…

      …the poem was written, a few months after my separation, one day while taking the ferry home from work, the fog was thick and was moving like tentacles across the water slowly choking my vision… I was feeling very conflicted as I watched the fog and images starting coming to my mind so I wrote… and this poem is what was on the page when I was done… I have never edited: it is as it was written…

      *hugs* to you my dear friend… may you feel this strength in the face of hard times too…


      • Nods on the time frame of both the drawing and the poem. I read i once more. I am just glad it is from the past … and I hope the battle to win is no longer a battle … but more, something that has more normalacy now.

        And yes… you give me strength too … lots. *hugss*


  3. I’m so glad this poem ends with a shout: sometimes depression can be about repressed anger…maybe you need to shout a bit more spokenheart….this is a lovely poem and I hope it means you’re winning the fight…light and peace to you


  4. The fight of depression, its shadows tugs and torments that grow stronger as its hold increases. It is a worthy fight, the most noble of fights. It is not a duel though, It shouldn’t be, but one where you gather your army, your friends, family and others. That is how you win the fight.

    *big hugs*


  5. ((BIG HUGS))
    Depression is a sign that you are more beautiful than your present life can contain
    It is the pain caused by all that beauty pushing at the constraints
    It may be as huge as emigrating
    It may be a simple as exhibiting your painting
    But you have become beautiful, and your beauty is waiting
    ((BIG HUGS))


    • thanx for the ((BIG HUGS)) I will take those any time…
      Depression is a manipulative bitch…
      But I am stronger than she is…
      And apparently more beautiful… *blush* 😳

      (if you read my response to Miss Irish Katie you can get some background on this poem…)


  6. Wow this is powerful. I think you capture the bonds that depression can hold over one, while at the same time showing the anger and assertiveness of a persons right to live and to overcome it. Very powerful, indeed.


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