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technology and multitasking – where has common sense gone?


Multitasking Infographic

Earlier this month I read two posts that took a look at whether or not technology was making us dumber. One was a retort of sorts to the other. Both were funny, interesting and offered differing points of view.

Chris Martin Writes: Has Technology Made Us Stupid? (Or is it just me?)

RuleofStupid: Technology is making us stupid – smarter – dumb – clever

Well I have found this lovely infographic full of interesting statics that point to the wonderful modern trends of multitasking via technology as in fact making us stupider. Not only is it apparently making us stupider but it is also making us less personable and more inconsiderate (45% of people will check their phone during a movie at the theatre – oh, you know who you are, and I must say how annoying I find that – VERY!).

It also seems that common sense has flown out the window along with good old fashioned chivalry (67% of people asked will check their emails and texts during a date… come on now, really? Am I that boring sweetheart?). Now I cannot say for sure if it is the technology or the multitasking mentality that is impairing us, but I think I can safely say they work hand in hand.

Technology in my opinion has contributed to the shortening of our attention span, creating an ‘attention deficit society’ if you will. We seem to want instant gratification. Everything must be received/achieved instantaneously and we only seem able to focus on things in short bursts. (Unless of course it is a game of Skyrim or Halo, etc – then we seem to be able to focus for many highly agitated hours – I have only observed this phenomenon as I am NOT a gamer by any stretch of the imagination). We live in a bizarre world where literal time seems to be mostly irrelevant and the occurrence of computer or technology time has emerged. 5 minutes in the real world and 5 minutes in technology world are two very different lengths of time. If you don’t believe me you should seriously try this tell some-one that is on a computer (or engage with whatever technological device) that dinner will be ready in 5 and they will show at the table with no concept of how long they took, after you have already finished eating and have cleared your plate.

Anyways… I think it’s kind of eye opening and something to think about…


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15 thoughts on “technology and multitasking – where has common sense gone?

  1. Technology has resulted in much rudeness and it’s showing in how businesses are responding. Recently I have spotted two notices at local businesses. The first had a help wanted sign up and in the advert for the position it stated that if you couldn’t be without your cell phone during work, or you couldn’t leave personal problems at the door not to bother applying. The second had a sign posted asking that you not use your cell phone while placing your order. We need signs now to instruct us on how to behave when doing business.


  2. Hey myspokenheart, thanks for the follow: I sense another strong woman here who has had her fair share of hard times but keeps her chin up 🙂
    Really agree with you about living in an ‘attention deficit society’: I used to teach teens and one of the hardest things about trying to reach them was that I had to compete with their phones, the games they stayed up until 3am playing and their Facebook addiction. They were far more interested in tweeting what they had for breakfast than real life learning! It’s a shame, because sometimes, things that are really worth having, don’t come in shiny, loud packages! Look forward to reading more of your musings…. FATW


  3. Great stuff, technology also effects hearing and memory. I tell a student to put his phone away and he doesn’t hear until the 3rd or 4th time and then gets it back out 10mins later. Poor little mites 😉


  4. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who can’t multitask. Maybe I’m smart enough to realize it makes me dumber. I’m going with that.


  5. Hi there. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Interesting infographic in this post.

    Multi-task lowers IQ by 10 points!? No wonder I can’t multi-task! I don’t have much IQ to begin with. 😦


  6. omg….I was watching something on PBS the other day .. about techonolgy…and they talked about multitasking. They did an experiment with someone older … who tends to concentrate on singular things ….and a teenager, who is nowadays multitasking constantly (ipad, laptop, music, homework.)

    While it seemed the youngster was doing a lot, when it came to having to concentrate on a single task that got progressively harder….the teenager did a lot worse.

    Anyway … how timely nod nods


    • Funny how we tend to feel so productive with all our flitting from thing to thing… I know I am not great at multitasking… mind you I do concentrate better if I have a minor distraction ie music in the background, but if there are too many things going on I will get nothing done… sadly though it seems we are not teaching the ‘younglings’ how to concentrate on accomplishing one task at a time…


      • Errr .. what? I was doing something whilst reading this….what did you say?


        I like to listen to music while I cook … I find I have a hard time listening to music if I have to think though … like when I am writing or helping the child with something.
        Strangely , when I am responding to a blog post … and the person has a video…it helps me frame my responses then. (I think your blog posts are a good example .. when you have embedded a video I’ll play it as I write my response.) I wonder why it works that way …


  7. …interesting. Thanks 😉


  8. …what? Oh, email.. hang on…


  9. … sorry, got a text. That was really…


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