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3 months and mixed up puzzles…


Today marks the 3 month anniversary for myspokenheart here in the blog-o-sphere. I am surprised that it has only been 3 months. It feels like it has been so much longer. Blogging for me was a very scary idea in the beginning, but I have met some wonderful people… some I would even call friends… they have become very special to me… and I never knew that sharing the written word could be so freeing, I think I have fallen in love with it…

It is like I have found a missing piece in my life puzzle. I know there are many, many more pieces yet to find, but this is an amazing step in the right direction. It is like trying to complete a puzzle that has been removed from the box, put in a plastic bag and mixed up. And to make it more difficult you have never seen the picture of what it’s supposed to look like. So you start by putting together all the outer edges first. You know the four corners and all the flat edged pieces. That is the foundation of your puzzle.

Now you have to sort the pieces based on colors and textures. You start to try and put them together. But you still have no idea what the final picture looks like. You start to find small sections that fit together but you are not sure where in the puzzle they actually fit. You can only put them in rough proximities of where you think they may go.

This puzzle represents your life. You start with a foundation. That foundation, the edges of the puzzle, is the basis of who you are. The basis of your personality, the building blocks. The areas you fit together are lessons learned throughout life, but you aren’t really sure what the point of the lessons are or how they fit. How do they contribute to your personality? Just as you aren’t sure how the sections of puzzle fit into the final picture. But as you put more and more sections together the picture becomes more and more clear.

I have my foundation, I have large sections pieced together, but I am not yet sure how they all fit together, and I am sure that a few of the pieces may have been misplaced. But I am working on it, I have found one misplaced piece, one that I didn’t realize was a key piece, and I am excited to see what my final picture will look like. I am eager to find out what other misplaced pieces I will find and to see how and where they fit in.

I have in my life found other pieces along the way leading up to this point, but it seems I only know that now, as I am able to look back. I truly believe that this point in my life is pivotal. It is the turning point. And I hope that all of you can find yourselves in this place too because well… it’s pretty cool.


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17 thoughts on “3 months and mixed up puzzles…

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  2. I am happy you took that first step three months ago. *hugs*


  3. Congratulations on your journey, and that it is has been a positive out come for you. *smiling*


  4. Careful – the irony is that the final picture is one of those bloody “magic eye” things – and you can lose years staring up your own tract trying to work out what the hell it’s supposed to be!
    Seriously – nice analogy. I agree with the ‘scary’ bit – and that it has felt wonderful to meet and chat with so many lovely people, yourself most assuredly included 🙂


  5. I’m happy you have a foundation and that you are piecing. Things will fall into place because you are a good person with a kind heart, and the pieces will come to you. Yes, you’re right, your puzzle will likely change, it might not end up being what you think it will be, but regardless, I’m sure the end product will be wonderful and beautiful. Lovely analogy Andrea and great, strength-giving post.


    • Thank-you November, I agree things will fall into place and they will not turn out the way I plan or hope – I can say this with confidence as it never seems to work that way – but it will be good, because somehow it always is…


  6. Happy 3 Month Anniversary!!!!

    I am glad you are feeling like the pieces of your life are starting to fall into place. Your puzzle analogy … *smiles* I think what is amazing … is that the final picture is not set yet. As it gets filled it, it is a combination of things past (like your children), thing in the present (like writing, art, music), and mostly from the wonderful things to come in the future (why even try to describe … it’s wonderful to let them be what they may).

    Yah you Andrea…..yahhhhh for you.



    • Thank-you Katie,

      I am glad that my life is falling into place but it is a process, and sometimes it is hard work. I even think the puzzle may change once in awhile (or perhaps that is the beauty of not knowing what the final picture looks like till it is done).

      and I will take those hugs!!!! and send them right back to you… 🙂


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