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little dove


Sorrow – drawn 2008

Close your eyes my little dove
Just rest awhile here in my love
Heart is broken, tears are shed
As you sleep in an eternal bed
Death may take you far away
But in my heart you’ll always stay

This post is dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced the sorrow of a miscarriage. The picture ‘Sorrow’ was drawn one evening after I had received news that a friend was being sent to hospital because the doctors were afraid she was going to lose her unborn child (she didn’t thankfully).

The poem ‘Little Dove’ was written this year when some-one my eldest daughter knew – through a maternity web page – had shared the sad news that she had lost her baby.

Author: My Spoken Heart - Andrea Crowell

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

8 thoughts on “little dove

  1. Thank you for posting this. My grandson was stillborn and so I am deeply touched by encounters with this subject.


  2. This was beautiful, but the poem and the drawing. I myself had a miscarriage back 12 years ago, and my son’s fiance had one last year. So I can easily enough relate.


  3. This is one of those posts where the ‘Like’ button seems so inappropriate – I’ve been to two funerals for infants, I can’t imagine anything worse.


  4. My mother had a miscarriage before me. If it was a successful pregnancy, I would probably were never born.


    • sounds bitter-sweet… But you are here which tells me you were meant to be… so breathe deep and say thank-you for that breath, because you were given the chance to do something amazing, its called living 🙂


  5. I can only imagine the sadness when someone goes through this …


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