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Dreams, success, and the art of self-trust…


Today is Friday! Yay! It has been along week… I am listening to oldies (Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Cat Stevens etc…) counting down the last 2 hours of work, sneaking in some writing time during a lull.

I am very tired today and my brain is fuzzy, I went to bed far too late lastnite and then incredulously woke up before the alarm clock. I generally do not function well on just shy of 6 hrs sleep – I am not 19 anymore. (Thank God for that!)… I actually need my 8 full hours of sleep per nite. Actually I have never done well missing sleep, as a teen I was always the first one to crash and burn at sleepovers.

This however is not what I wanted to write about… I want to talk about dreams, success, and the art of self trust…

To dream anything that you want to dream. That is the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself, to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.  ~  Bernard Edmonds, writer   (#123 from the Quotable Coach)

I am learning not to let things get me down the way they used to. Like NaNo for example, I am way behind in my word count (8,ooo+ behind), and haven’t written for 2 days. Yet I am not feeling discouraged, though I will admit for a bit I was, but this is not a contest against anyone but myself. I want to create something that I would not be ashamed to show people and so if takes longer or has lulls, or doesn’t go the way I had hoped and planned then it’s OK!

I will trust myself, steel my will, test my limits, find my courage and push forward in the way that feels right for me. AND I will take this lesson over into all sorts of areas in my life. This goes so beyond NaNo! It has the capacity to carry over into everything I do or don’t do. I have to stop second guessing myself, and stand firm on what I believe, trust in what I feel, and test myself daily. Only then can I succeed at the things I dream of doing; whatever those things may be.

It sounds so good here, written down. It’s safe this way, the hard part is getting it out of my head and embedding it into my heart, following through with it in my life. Change and success only happen with commitment, will power, and determination. Eeps – all those things imply hard work. Life is hard work. No-one said it would be easy, but my heart knows it IS worth it.

That is where the art self trust comes in, I think. Knowing it is worth it and trusting I will be strong enough to carry through with it even when it seems like it’s just too hard. I have to remind myself that sometimes it is OK to stop and rest awhile. Enjoy the view. Just breathe. And once I’ve collected myself I can pick up and carry on.

Yes I can meet my dreams. I can succeed. I have the strength. The courage. The ability. And I will trust myself to finish.


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14 thoughts on “Dreams, success, and the art of self-trust…

  1. Go Andrea Go!!! I love this blog…so inspiring! Sometimes we need to break a few foggy mirrors in our heads to see the truth…to see how god sees us through his eyes ❤ love you!


  2. I am psychically waving pom-poms for you (and wearing a ra-ra skirt, which is disturbing for me – that’s dedication!!)
    Just don’t forget to love who you are during your pursuit of who you want to be 🙂


    • I would pay money to see that 😉 – (your dedication has humbled and overwhelmed me)

      and I do love who I am and I am enjoying the ride to discovering who I actually am… and I am overcoming scrutinizing and sometimes not liking me…

      but as I have told my kids “I always, always love you, nothing can ever stop that, but there are moments when I do not necessarily like you”… hey maybe I will write about that one day…


  3. I like myself. I even love myself. I’m just not sure I trust myself.

    Good post!


  4. Very good self affirmations, and the best part is you know they can be true.


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