musings on life, love and laughter from my spoken heart to yours

and now for something different….


Today I have decided to post some art work… two different pieces with Lions:

Lion Cub

Lion Cub – revision
playing with shading and texture

The Lion – a progression
the right side is the beginning rough in,
the left is how far I am now…

I may post the completed picture when and if I ever get there…

This artwork is the property of MySpokenHeart, and its creator Andrea C.
please do not replicate or re-post without permission. Thank-you.

Author: My Spoken Heart - Andrea Crowell

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

10 thoughts on “and now for something different….

  1. Oh …. now where have I seen these before? *smiles*

    Should I let everyone in on the secret of your artwork? It is fabulous ..

    Psstt….there are more people..and they just keep getting better and better!


  2. A secret talent you have been hiding? There is drawing in you? A Jedi you will be.
    (What the hell is wrong with me!?)


    • yes my hidden secret, its funny I was almost panicky over posting my drawings… but, whats the point if no-one ever sees any of them?…

      Jedi mmmm IDK probably not… I can’t move the pencil with only my mind… (I know I’ve tried)… but thanks

      and I assure you there is absolutely nothing wrong with you… you are awesome just as you are… 😀


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