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NaNoWriMo… word counts suck…


The writing process is not going the way I had hoped. I am wondering if maybe my brain does not input and output information in the conventional ways. I believe that one should sit down and start a story and work through it from beginning to middle to end. That it is a chronological process. BUT this is not even remotely the way it is working. I have a handful of partially written chapters that I seem to be bouncing back and forth adding to, altering, changing, evolving. I can’t sit and write chapter 1… chapter 2… etc. No, instead I write a handful of paragraphs, I reread them, cut one and paste it in where I feel another chapter will take place and add a note that says -elaborate- … then I go back and do the process all over again. And so on and so forth.

I am behind on my word count. (by quite a bit I might add)

I do have a rough outline, I know the general direction I am heading in, I know who the main characters in the story are. But that is really about it. The rest seems to fall into place as I write. I close my eyes and can see a scene, then I have to try to develop it, choosing the correct words. The ones that will take my vision and put it into a form that will help others to hopefully see what I saw.  A lot of it is feeling, I can feel what it should be, but how does one go about expressing such things? (that sounds so artsy-fartsy and airheady)

And here I am avoiding working on my story, creating words for my blog instead. But these words seem to flow without all the restrictions, and complications. In a few minutes I have written over 300 words here, yet that has been taking what feels like hours to achieve in the NaNo-sphere.

Don’t get me wrong I am actually liking the story I am writing so far – I wouldn’t say it is great (by no means). I feel it actually has potential, that it isn’t complete and utter crap which makes me happy. I honestly wasn’t really sure what to expect as I have never written a novel before, I wasn’t expecting a cake walk, but I didn’t picture the process to look the way it seems to be unfolding.

Anyways I will write a few updates on how my experience with NaNo is going throughout the month… we will see you never know what can happen, right?


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8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo… word counts suck…

  1. You may or may not finish … part of what I find enjoyable .. is that we did this together … whether we finish of not is of little import to me. That I have a grand friend to gab with it about…that makes it worthwhile.



    • yes we are doing this together and I am hoping to dedicate some time today and tomorrow to writing… we will do this… (ok I may not reach 50,000 but I will still continue to work on it for the month…)… and working with friends does make it worthwhile

      *smiles n’ hugs*


  2. Myspokenheart 🙂 I really enjoyed this post. You are a visual spacial learner.Google it and discover why you are so wonderful and ‘frustrated too.’ When you blog, you write freely, because you are PAINTING words. When you write you are trying to construct something you see but but you want to put the whole into one part. I know that’s how I am too. There are a lot like us out there.
    One key is to relax and not pressure yourself about it at all. Spacial visuals see it as one whole before it is started – they get the picture but still the technical takes what we hate ‘patience, and time’. I do better on short stories, and poems than Books, But I have 2 books posted on my blog

    One more thing you might try listening to -Theta- Binaural Beats while writing, they will help you settle down and flow more smoothly. You can find them on youtube 🙂 Y/T Hubert


    • Thank-you for both the encouragement and the information 🙂

      what you have said here makes sense to me and explains a lot, I will definitely be doing a bit of research on visual spacial learning…

      I usually listen to music when I write… it seems that I can more freely express myself when I am partially concentrating on something else. (I am actually like that with most things)…

      Again Thanx…


  3. You’re trying to write a novel for the first time. You don’t play Mozart in your first piano lesson. These are the intense learning stages – don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone writes in their own way. It will come 🙂


    • what? no perfection first go round?? sh%t why didn’t anyone tell me???

      sorry… in all seriousness though I am just fascinated by the way things are unfolding… it isn’t what I expected at all… and being that I am the queen of organized chaos I am really wanting to just jump ahead and see what happens… I know, I know – one step at a time…

      and thanx for the encouragement 🙂


  4. I haven’t tried to write something like what you are undertaking, other things that are equal in length perhaps, I wonder though, would writing the chapters out of order help? A thought forms a chapter in the center of the book, and then you can write one that leads up to that thought, to explain it?


    • That is kind of what I have been doing / what my story is looking like… I have a prologue and 4 partial chapters… (I am going to say the prologue and 1st chapter are looking solid – I think) the other 3 labeled 2, 3, 4 for names sake at this point are in a constant state of evolution… we will see… I would like to achieve the 50,000 words but I am not going to cry about it if I don’t and I am going to keep moving forward for the month… at which point I will reassess…


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