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Boredom is NOT an emotion…


Being Halloween and all I thought perhaps talking about the living dead may be appropriate. Of course the first thing that pops into mind hearing the term ‘living dead’ is one of a zombie apocalypse.

In a way I think we live surrounded by mindless zombies that consume and infect everything in their path every day. People who do what they are told without ever questioning ‘why?’. People who have lost interest in their lives, jobs, partners, etc… feel trapped… yet do nothing about it (except maybe whine and complain and spread their misery). They make no attempt what so ever to escape it. They wake, go to work, go home, make dinner, watch the same shows each nite at the same time, go to bed, get up and do it all over again, with no thought. Every day is the same.

I have to admit I myself am stuck in the rut of life too. I refuse to blame anyone but me for where I am, and so for the first time ever I have long term and short term goals!!! I have set goals and timelines – manageable, realistic ones – with the intent of escaping the rut. Sadly I do have to put in my time, I have commitments, need money for future plans, etc… but I am working towards getting out of here – I refuse to sit by and watch my life pass me by. I don’t want be the living dead, I want to be ALIVE! I want to be brave, break chains, create chaos…

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”  – Theodore Roosevelt

I need to clarify boredom is NOT an emotion… that is the infection starting, and as it spreads, it turns into complacency and acceptance, you become the living dead. Don’t go down that path, look away! Run, run for your life! I don’t know about you but I MUST feel; I have heard too often from people that they hate emotion. Why? Emotions make life colorful! Yea sometimes they suck, but without the sucky how can we understand and appreciate the wonderful?

“Oh look I have become so complacent I lost my brain somewhere… let me eat yours… mmmmm brains!”

With that in mind keep one eye on the prize (LIFE!) and one on the person beside you cuz you just never know…. Happy Halloween!


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27 thoughts on “Boredom is NOT an emotion…

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  3. To dare is to live! To believe the impossible, to trust the inconceivable and to rely on the intangible, is to live! To cry and to laugh, to sleep and to wake, to love and to share, is to have a feel of living. Dare to love and you would have dared to live!
    Wow! I’ve been pondering aloud! I love your post my dear.
    My November wishes for you:


    • Are you trying to get into my head counselor man? Just kidding… (sort of… arms crossed, sideways glance at the computer screen, eyebrow lifted)

      officially at this point and time no, but I am actually trying to get the go ahead with my health benefits provider… which seems to be a long and tedious process I might add… what the heck is that all about? I mean if this was a pressing situation I would be in trouble I think…

      next question – why’d you ask? (I ask warily…) – (can you tell I have had my fun with those who are supposed to be there to help???)


  4. awwww *hugs* ruts are hard to get out of, we pace back and forth and they become deeper and deeper, until you can’t see over the edge.. and are surrounded by shadows.. the light doesn’t get in.

    until you want it to

    you have to want that.

    you hear it, you are told it, you even see it. but until you want it. It eludes you.

    that is the challenge for many, wanting to.


    • aaahhhh I see… rut building… trench digging… wall building… I called it building a fortified city… been there done that… took a wrecking crew to knock it down and let the sunshine in… 😀

      once you can see… once you know… once you have felt the glorious warmth of the sun’s golden rays… how can one not want it???


      • You are making me smile so much. I am feeling a wave of emotion from you. 🙂

        I hope the sunshine’s rays illuminate you in its golden glow, forever.

        How can one not want it?… *sighs*. It is just so hard for some, just words. Until they see a flicker, reach out and grasp at it. It is nice if there is someone there to see them reaching, and give them a tug too.



  5. What does being alive mean?


  6. It’s always nice to read that people feel this way also. This is the land of the living dead. Anyone who dares to choose otherwise is ostracised and made to feel like a social outcast, a parasite on society; a civil strain. I find this world scary sometimes (usually). Humans are weird. And seem to dislike their humanness.


  7. Excellent – I’m not a fan of ‘themed posts’ (not looking forward to the glut of ‘here’s my post about Christmas’ – YAWN! Present buying? Really, money stress – golly! Pictures of your tree – oh just f**k off!!) – but you managed to find a great angle – funny, and true and monster themed!!
    Great job.. must dash… my bosses eyes have just clouded over… think he might be turning 😈


    • HA! that made me laugh!! Best be careful around the boss then!!! 😉

      and I know you read my other blog so no worries of getting those kind of Christmas posts here… unless of course they get me and I turn… then you never know what crud could show up on here… mwahahahaha!!! cough… choke… sputter… so much for maniacal and evil…


  8. omg lol….I want to comment on this … but the pictures are gruesome!!! Aieeeeee lol

    Ok….scrolls past the gore lol…

    You are right about taking life by the reins and just…LIVING. It is a grand place out there …the world I mean … and the emotional vastness too. Knowing extreme hurt sometimes makes you want to pull in and say … no more. No one will hurt me again.

    But that cannot be. We HAVE to be able to open ourselves to hurt … because as you say … then we can know incredible joy.

    We cannot plod along though life … living just to be…or living for tomorrow. Yes we have to plan ahead at times …but we have to be ready at any time to see the golden ring…and reach for it…even if we have to lean a bit past our comfort zones.

    Nice post again A. *smiles* …even with the scary photos lol.


    • OK gonna try this again – accidentally deleted the first response…

      So my pics are too much for you huh? you are too cute… 😛

      Thank for the encouragement – as always… LIVING!!! whats the point of being alive if we aren’t gonna actually experience it?? I mean really…

      *hugs and smiles*


      • *grins* …actually…they don’t really bother me (too much) lol…i just like saying that so people think i am alll dainty and crap haha.

        And totally agrees about the living *smiles* …hey…have i gotten you to do the asterisk thingy when you are hugging and smiling?


    • lol…I am actually not a girly girl lol…in fact, I used to be more tom boyish I think…but that was a long time ago.

      As for me getting you to use the asterisk thing…yahh…I have had at least some influence on someone…even if it is influence for evil hahaha


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