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Turning your sky into a ceiling…


…don’t let the negative voices around you bring you down. Don’t ever let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling… Marc and Angel

What an awesome and inspiring quote. But what if the negative voices are your own? What if you keep making your sky a ceiling? Putting a limit on your own brilliance, preventing yourself from shining, never allowing yourself to reach your potential. Why oh why would anyone do such a thing? I don’t know, but we do it to ourselves all the time. We get hurt and instead of moving forward we assume we did something wrong and hold ourselves back. We cower in fear of looking foolish, getting hurt, making mistakes, and on, and on. Believing the worst about ourselves; sometimes because someone else planted the seed, but sometimes we are efficient gardeners all on our own.

We have all been so hurt. Our judgement becomes clouded. I was e-mailing a good friend this morning and the subject of relationships and trust came up. I wrote this to my friend:

…once bitten twice shy, twice bitten four times shy and so on… but being able to trust is a beautiful thing – perhaps I am too naive? I think the worst though is through these experiences we lose the ability to trust ourselves and our own judgment… and we cannot effectively trust some-one else if we do not trust ourselves…

It is so hard to block out the negative voices around us, especially if the loudest (or perhaps most persistent) voice is our own. I don’t know about you but I want to stand out in the open under an immense unending sky with my arms spread wide while I dance in circles laughing. So why do I hold myself back? I am not too busy – if I can find time to watch TV I can find time. It’s because I am listening to negative voices. Somewhere on the path of growing up we decide certain things are impractical, or immature, or unacceptable. But are they really? Who said so? The only thing we are limiting is our own capacity for joy! We restrict our own freedom, and then project these restrictions onto those around us.

We need to build ourselves up for only then can we effectively build others up.

Build You Up
words and music by Kim Taylor
© 2012 Don’t Darling Me Song

It’s amazing, so amazing how
I’ve survived this road
Feel the fever
I can feel it down inside my soul and I

Will be the one to build you up
I’ll build you up
Be the one to never doubt
I’ll never doubt

Can you see how
Can you see how far we’ve come
It’s such a miracle
Everything is
Everything is clear and
You are such a wonder and I

Will be the one to build you up
I’ll build you up
Be the one to never doubt
I’ll never doubt


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

13 thoughts on “Turning your sky into a ceiling…

  1. Once again I am playing one of your video’s as I compose my response …

    Your words and blogs … they inspire me. Wonders if you know that? You are right … that I know … about how we have to start letting ourselves….be grand. Amber is correct too … we have to try hard…and not let the bad voices win …we have to turn from them nod nods.

    From the Dixie Chicks …

    I wanna walk and not run
    I wanna skip and not fall
    I wanna look at the horizon
    And not see a building standing tall

    *smiles* … we look to the skies

    And this friend you wrote to….she is lucky to have a friend like you *s*


    • I am very lucky to have that friend too 🙂 we help build each other up in the midst of a world that tries to tear us down…

      looking to the sky (except is is dark, cloudy and inky black…)

      hugs n’ smiles


  2. posts like this make me realize how silly i’ve been to be away. and i’m glad to have you here!


  3. Awesome blog honey! very deep……I think I am so against bullying…yet, I am the meanest self talker! I wouldn’t dream of putting anyone else down like the way I do myself. Time to change! ❤


  4. negative voices are more convincing, they weave a hypnotic spell and shroud you in lack. lack of motivation, esteem, worth, happiness….

    They are hard to mute, turn you back on them and laff.

    Close your eyes, tilt your head back, picture the grassy field, the clear blue sky, the sun is streaming, the leaves sparkling on that solitary tree… and dance. The cellos are playing, the two of them seated under that tree smiling at you, a group of violinists are on a hill, the music streaming toward you, filling yours senses… Dance Andrea, let go. Let it fill you with magic. Bottle that feeling up, so you can draw on it when ever you want, drown out the negative voices with that music, dance.. and magic.


    pssst and tell Katie to get off his lap while he is playing *nods and giggles*


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