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NaNoWriMo… (a stressed out November)


I have signed up to part take in the madness known as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the first time this year. In the beginning when I first signed up I was super stoked and feeling like I could figure this thing out “no problem”. I mean come on how hard could it be? You just sit and write… right? Well now the countdown is on – less than 2 weeks to go and I am drawing a complete blank, all that cocky enthusiasm is quickly dissipating; turning itself inside out. Every time I sit down and try to think about it, try to contemplate what I shall write, my mind goes blank, my mouth goes dry, I need a glass of water,Β  and suddenly I am overwhelmed by the surplus of mundane chores and duties I must complete right now… what the heck is that all about??

I always have all these ideas and thoughts swirling around in my head yet each time I sit down with the intent of capturing them for NaNo; ‘poof’ they evaporate into the stratosphere… it’s not just that my ideas keep fading away its also that I need an idea that will encompass a greater volume than a mere 500 – 1000 words… more like 50,000… 1,670-ish words per day that sounds relatively easy, yet the thought has become rather daunting.

I am thinking that my problem with finding my muse is that NaNo is completely open, there are no real restrictions. Apparently I can write in any genre, any style, about just about anything – as long as it is fictionalized; which makes deciding difficult. I can go in any direction I choose. Create any characters I can possibly imagine. Write in any style from poetic flowery prose to a first person narrative. I can choose to write a faerie tale, a historical fiction, or a supernatural murder mystery. Realistically my imagination is my only Β limitation.

Who else out there is participating in NaNo this year? How are you tackling it? Are you a seasoned veteran, or like me a complete noob? Feel free to comment and let me know…



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18 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo… (a stressed out November)

  1. I’m doing NaNoJouMo, since NaNoWriMo is a bit much on top of almost daily blogging.

    Good luck! πŸ™‚

    RPRT Photo


  2. Oh my excited for you! I have heard of it and have always been curious about it, but never tried meself. Wish you the grandest with your writing endeavour for it, I’m sure many ideas will begin to spring forth and take hold. P.S. Wonderful comments on here! Anyhow, excellent post, glad to have found your blog here. Cheers,

    Autumn Jade


    • Thank-you so much! I will try to do a few follow ups on the whole NaNo experience through out November… maybe you will decide to join in next year?

      Nice to have met your acquaintance, πŸ™‚


      • Looking forward to following all that unfolds with this- and probably will be convinced to undergo the terror, I mean, pure joy, of joining in next year. Why not?!

        Aye, fabulous to make your acquaintance as well, most dashed wonderful,

        Autumn Jade


  3. Wooo… headrush!! (which will make no sense if this is the first comment you read!)
    I’m with Irishkatie on this one – just write, but I’d like to throw my own thoughts in.
    You have a passion, all it needs is a drip-drip and it will turn that into a trickle->stream->river->flood on its own!
    So have fun. Set your ‘rules’ by throwing dice and opening random books to pick words. I will write focussing on BLUE, there will be an Aardvark, My character is called Bob, they’re on a mythical quest for Blu-Tack!!
    As you’ve noticed, freedom can be the worst prison of all – where do you begin. So set some random rules. All you’re doing is getting started, then let things take shape as your interest and passion take hold πŸ™‚
    Hope it helps… off to comment somewhere else… waaaaaayyyy!!


    • so is Bob a blue aardvark going on a mythical quest for blu-tack or did I miss something here?? NaNo will be a rush… I am actually kind of excited about it…:D


      • Why not! Bob is a claymation made of blu-tack created by an autistic boy in Michigan. But Bob becomes sentient and takes his creator on a mythical quest to fight off the blues and learn to fit in. It’s very Disney!
        Good luck with NaNo πŸ™‚


  4. *raises my hand*

    I am doing NaNo…I am doing NaNo…why am I not your buddy yet damnit? lol.

    Ok…you are a seat of your pants writer…(I perused the NaNo site…you are what they call a pantser lol). But you are GOOD at it. And like Amber said, you write from you heart…which HAS to be a good start.

    I think the difference in blogs and the novel idea, is that you will have to string together roughly 30 to 40 blogs that are interrelated to make a complete story.

    HOWEVER…. I read that the first draft for near everyone …the Nov. draft as it were…is really going to be crap…and that that is ok!!! The point is to write. Anything. Just write.

    In fact, apparently, editing is STRONGLY discouraged. Spelling errrors? Move on. Plot holes or disjointed chapters or paragraphs? Pffft. Keep going.

    Formatting? Get outta here. Write. Don’t stop.

    LOL…those are the types of things I have read about it. Can we really write without using the backspace key? (one thing I read was that if you can, do NOT ever use the backspace key.)

    I myself, after giving you all this rah rah stuffs…am…well…FREAKING OUT TOO!!!! I think I might have an idea…but….aggghhhhhhhhh lol. We will freak out and have fun together though.

    Now …. how to get Amber involved. ..


    • I think this is gonna take a lot of self discipline… (which I actually have none of)… I am an editor by nature and just having at her, no editing, no formatting, etc is going to be killer…. but it is about getting the idea down on ‘paper’…. so lots of deep breaths…

      I am thinking I will need to have a secret stash of hard cheezies (do you have Hawkins cheezies in the states???), dark chocolate and nuts (cashews and pecans)… those will be my NaNo snax!!! (but not together that would be gross) and of course lots of coffee, hot chocolate and tea…. I think on that diet I may gain a few pounds… eeps that is not good….. (add a few carrot sticks)

      at least I am no longer totally freakin out… all is good πŸ™‚


      • What?!?!?! You are not freaking out????? But now I am!!! It’s less than a week away. Aiiieeee…..too soon, too soon!!!!!

        My outline is not done yet. I have not worked out characters? I have not yet learnt that feckin program I bought for it. I … I ….ahhhhhgggggg.


        Uhm…ok….I am not totally freaking out. Just a tiny bit. Just this much *holds my thumb and pointer finger a scant millimeter apart*

        No … not freaking out. If you call hyperventilating and running in a circle going “ack, ack, ack” not freaking out!

        Ok…joking. That was a joke. Right? I mean … you know I am not seriously going crazy about this right? Not stressing. No no….not. Noooo, I am NOT trying to convince myself. I am NOT trying t convince myself that I have now committed to some INSANE amount of work with an equally INSANE deadline. Oh nooooooo…..

        *deep breath*….*another deep breath*….and of course, *a deeeeepppper breath*

        Feck … I popped the paper bag I was breathing into.

        *giggles* I actually think this will be fun. Nod nods.


  5. I am going to equate it more to blog writing, though they are much smaller, than thesis which is similar in size. Hmmm, or do both, lol.

    The blog posts I have written with no forethought have been my favorite ones. Many times I sit down and open my blog, click on new post with absolutely no idea what I am going to type, After a few paragraphs of rambling thoughts a glimmer opens up. Sometimes I will go “there it is” and run with it, other times I do a tiny outline, more formalized to organize my ramblings.

    The best tip I ever had, was when I noticed some silly people were actually reading my blog and the numbers were growing, it wasn’t stage fright, but more of a thought.. what could I write that would be interesting. I was told to write from my heart.

    You are already there myspokenheart. πŸ™‚

    Good writing is writing with emotion. The words paint pictures in the mind. I already told you that you are an artist. Your words are your brush.

    You are going to do great, because when you sit down and actually start it, the clicking sound will fill the air like popcorn in the microwave… but it won’t just last for a couple of minutes.

    Your muse is in your heart. As Katie would now word it… and a grand muse it is.


  6. Yup, complete novice here as well. For lack of a grab-me-and-write-me idea, I was anticipating just ‘showing up’ on the day, as it were, and starting with whatever entered my head on the 1st of November. Circumstances have dictated, however, that I’ll have little opportunity to actually research anything during November, so I decided on a scenario which would hopefully mean there are few things that need to be checked, focusing primarily on human interaction.

    No idea where it’s going to take me, but I have found when doing any academic writing that it’s just a lot more fun to write off the cuff!

    How did you find out about NaNo? I just stumbled across it, and reckoning I was going to have a fairly empty November just signed myself up. Regret can come later!


    • It seems that generally writing from the cuff is my thing… and that was how I started with the NaNo idea, but now I am starting to think that there may be a better way… We’ll see I guess.

      I heard of NaNo a few years back but had no idea what it really was or that it was open to anyone. Then this year I decided to look it up and see… now I’m signed-up, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

      I keep telling myself that there is no pressure, its for fun, and the worst case scenario is I don’t finish and have a crappy outline for a novel that I may or may not ever finish. The best case scenario is I end up with something decent. Either way its good practice. and hey nothing ventured – nothing gained πŸ™‚


      • Definitely for fun. Unless you go and tell everyone in the hope of some half-hearted peer pressure to get you through the tough patches. Which could now come round a bite you in the behind. Ha, thank goodness I haven’t gone and done that…

        If inspiration fails to strike hard enough, you could always throw actual ideas to the wind and just click a couple of times on’s ‘Random Page’ link. That’s my plan if I need to kick start a scene or two. Then you have a pretty decent excuse if it does turn out shambolic!


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