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Day of doom update…


Just a quick update… so I will start with my  Trustee visit. It was not half as scary or humiliating as I had prepared myself for, I actually feel a sense of relief, a decision has been made, I can step forward… it may be a slow uphill climb but there is a clear path in front of me now…

The Dentist is another story… I went in and they had scheduled for the wrong teeth to get filled… I was like uuummm no, that is wrong… so he took a look in my mouth and decided that I was not only right but I was getting a root canal right then and there – OH JOY!… all I can say is I never want another root canal as long as I live! 😐  my face/mouth hurts! I don’t mean to be a whiner but man oh man! *SIGH*

Things could be worse I am sure… but this has not helped to build my relationship with the dentist… they are mean and scary and I am 7 years old when I enter their office… (OK he was actually pretty nice, and not scary at all… but he is still a dentist and I don’t like it).

Why isn’t Johnny Depp a dentist? just saying…


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17 thoughts on “Day of doom update…

  1. Thank goodness, no bombs or anything. I am a very hetero man, but even I think Depp is gorgeous! Please don’t make him a dentist – how could I enjoy his sweet sweet loveliness after he’d just numbed me and drilled me… oooh, on second thoughts…


    • OK I hope you do not mind and ar enot too easily offended but based on those comments on this one post alone I will pretend that you are one of my girl friends… on every other post you are a completely hetero studly man’s man… (but not here…)


      • That’s fantastic! I can feel the metrosexuality expanding my horizons as I type! Let’s do our nails and talk Brad Pitt!!
        p.s. As far as I know, I’m unoffendable!


        • …sounds like a fun evening… as I am not a very ‘girlie girl’ I will be counting on all that expanding metrosexuality of yours… perhaps we could pluck our brows, shave our legs and do facial masks too? Some guy talk over popcorn would be a blast – however I have to say that Brad had his day – when he was younger he had a certain charm, but we may need to broaden our horizons there (and do not even think of suggesting George Clooney)…



          • fairy nuff… though I think now age is transforming his face, Pitt is coming back to us, I will leave the guy selection to you.
            Since you’re not girly, and I’m not manny – I suggest we do a ‘psycho-trans-genderisation’. You can chug beer and scratch your balls (we’ll knock up something with tame gerbils and a pair of tights) – and I’ll cry in the sad bits and want to talk when your randy?!


  2. ” I am 7 years old when I enter their office… Well, there. You said it. Small, powerless, ignorant of what is going on. What an awful feeling . . . so perfectly described!


  3. eeeeps.

    The pain from the RC will soon pass, but the relief from the audit will last much longer. 🙂


  4. I am glad that your Trustee visit went well…and yah for paths that are clearer. It is good when some things start to work out yes? *smiles*

    So dentist…ow for you …but how did the child do???? Was her visit a bit more pleasant?

    And …. what is all this talk of Johnny Depp?!?!? Who is this person? He is not a dentist? Was he your hygenist? *giggles*


    • My daughter did amazingly well her appointment went off without a hitch 🙂

      and you are bad… I recall some-one telling me to keep my mind occupied with thoughts of a shirtless Johnny Depp… I wonder who that was??? hhmmm…


      • Yahhhhhhh for your daughter!!!!! Did she get free stuff from them?

        As for the insinuation that I may have been the one to suggest a shirtless Johnny Depp ….grins. Uhm… *looks at the previous blog to see if I incriminated myself* Nope, nope … ohhh….must not have bee me. Shirtless eh?


  5. ha ha I love you!!! you make me smile with your blog posts! I hope your mouth feels better soon ❤ and johnny Depp can cavity search me anyday! ummmmm…never mind!!!! different occupation! my bad! LMAO 🙂


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