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Thanksgiving after thoughts…


Today is the day after Thanksgiving (at least it is here in Canada), I am tired, I walked to work in cool, foggy weather (fall is upon us I am afraid), and I am wishing I was still at home in my frumpy, warm, cozy jammies. Instead I am sitting at my desk wishing I had a warmer sweater while dorking out to classic 70/80’s music, drinking coffee and eating red chili infused dark chocolate (mmmmm the breakfast of champions).

Thanksgiving a day of mixed feelings… the day to focus on all that we are thankful for, yet it seems to stir the pot and remind me of one’s who are absent and the way things used to be. Kind of a bitter sweet holiday (actually all holidays are like that). There is so much to be grateful for, so many blessings, yet they can be tainted with the soft hues of days gone by, of people missing and memories long since past. And yet at the same time I always find a glimmer of the future shining through. I don’t really know how to stay grounded in the present I’m afraid. For me holidays are a melting pot of emotion, a juxtaposition of sorts really.

I actually do not have much to say today, perhaps it’s that left over sleepy feeling from over indulging on turkey and home-made stuffing. Yay for left-overs!  I am definitely looking forward to a cholesterol sandwich for dinner tonite: squishy white bread topped with mayo, turkey, a layer of cranberry sauce, gravy and stuffing, mmm-mmm-mmmm… definitely not healthy but oh so good! (and kinda messy – NOT a eat in front of some-one you wanna impress meal that’s for sure).

I think I will leave it at that…

Duran Duran – Save a Prayer (I told you I was doing an 80’s thing this morning)


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22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving after thoughts…

  1. Breakfast sounds great. 🙂


  2. …and … gives you a super *huuuuggg*

    Next time you are walking to work … think in your head that I am walking with you…and April too … and Amber … and November … and all of us. And we would be gabbing and laughing and before you knew it…we would be at your work place …and we would maybe sneak another day off … and maybe just keep walking … and turn the voices into the heard ones nod nods.


  3. Oh I love those sandwiches. I bet there are a few being eaten today.

    *nods* holidays always point out the empty seats at the table… of voices, where even the whisper has faded and the hugs that are memories. This one especially. It is a tough one. But on to new friends and challenges. The glimmers of voices not yet heard and hugs to be.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving in Canada! 🙂


  5. have I told you today…I love you!! you make me smile….and I agree with sometimes thinking about who’s missing and how things “used” to be….but thankfully it never takes away from the here and now for me…I love the holidays! and I am so blessed to celebrate them with my own little family…and close friends…


    • aaawwe… and yes I think you’ve told me you love me at least twice today :D… I am so glad to have you in my life you are such a good friend!

      I KNOW you love the holidays – and here I am such a bah-humbug! Funny how life throws people into your path who help balance you out…


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