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So Desperately Done…


So desperately I wanted you in my life,

I wanted to have you,

Hold you,

Know you,

I struggled with the choices you made,

I questioned why your actions and your words did not line up,

I told my inner voice to shut-up,

When I should have listened,

Should have listened intently,

You spin such beautiful lies,

You always say the right things,


You pass every test,

Yet you always leave me feeling deflated,


You are so charismatic,

It oozes from your pores,


So freaking charming,

Creating more,

and more,


Empty promises,

Carefully stringing me along,

I always believe you,

I always hope,

I so desperately want to believe you,

Will I ever learn?

I think I am done.


Daughter – Landfill


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

8 thoughts on “So Desperately Done…

  1. That is lovely, and unfortunately an experience so many of us can relate to. I am glad you feel like you are coming out of the other side and learning and growing. That’s all we can hope to do…


  2. Beautiful. Strong. It sounds like you are beginning to learn . . .


  3. *listens to the video as I write this response* …. I find I listen to your videos as I write….is reading with the video now…

    Finished listening (but playing again as I write this. I love the music you listen to.) She has a lovely voice …but tis a sad song. A song of the struggle between love and hate ..

    Your words you wrote … feels like the song. “so freaking charming” … there is recognition of the want and the knowledge of the conflict …

    *hugs you*


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