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The Bucket List follow up…


Ok I am following up on my Bucket List post, I am not sure that this is really a complete list. Probably not even close. I am still figuring things out and think it may even change a few times between here and “the Bucket”. But here it goes… in no particular order – My Bucket List:

  • Follow my heart and my dreams: STOP pleasing others and be true to me
  • Help others regularly – the small things DO matter
  • Take some web design classes
  • Go to concerts!!! lots of them, all genres, just go and take the experiences in! See a real live opera
  • Start a collection: I’m not sure of what just yet, but I want it to represent places and experiences in my life. Maybe photos? IDK…
  • Take my girls on a real outdoors camping trip
  • Learn to use power tools without fear (OK maybe a small amount of respectful fear)
  • Restore a VW van – olive green and cream with shiny chrome, a light tan interior, and real wood accents.
  • Write and publish a book – it can be a novel, a book of short stories, poetry, or maybe a book of thoughts and musings…
  • Read the writings of Hugh Prather
  • Either finish or throw out my half done projects. (this is a big one it involves moving on and letting go)
  • Keep a complete journal for a full year (one that I write in at least a few days every week for the year – no three month plus gaps allowed)
  • Start a Blog! and maintain it… 🙂
  • Learn a new language – Turkish, I want to learn conversational Turkish to know why see next point
  • Teach English abroad – Go to Turkey for a summer to teach conversational English – I am thinking of going through
  • Start using my camera, then maybe buy a better camera
  • Colour all 7 of the new full sized Doodle Art posters (if you were raised in the 70’s/80’s you should remember these posters)
  • Complete enough art for an art show
  • Hold an art show
  • Go horseback riding
  • Feel comfortable with myself naked
  • Spend 2 weeks alone (for real alone – I mean no kids, no family, just me and my thoughts – hhhmmm it just got scary)
  • Figure out what it is I love and start doing it for a living
  • Learn to really play an instrument guitar and/or piano, keep singing
  • Be in a band and record something – it doesn’t even have to be great, I just want to have a CD (I’d prefer if it was great)
  • Live in a foreign place for at least a year
  • Fall in love, have a real wedding and a Honeymoon
  • TRAVEL:  This list is a work in progress I really want to go just about everywhere and so….

Forks, Washington – for my girls
Disneyland California – with the kids
Scotland – a lochness finding expedition
Greece, Italy, the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Northern Africa
Maui – this has a story to it (I may share one day)
The Grand Canyon

Abandoned places: Seattle’s underground city, NY subways, Petra, Inner city Detroit, Centralia Pennsylvania, etc. so many amazing places sitting empty and desolate…

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12 thoughts on “The Bucket List follow up…

  1. Hi, I was recommended to visit from Irishkatie. So here I am knocking on your door to come in.
    Certainly a large list to get through, but as you are young you should be able to accomplish all.
    From your list I have managed the following –
    Follow my heart and my dreams: STOP pleasing others and be true to me –
    YES but this usually comes easier as we grow older.
    Write and publish a book – it can be a novel, a book of short stories, poetry, or maybe a book of thoughts and musings…
    YES but an EPUB (so technically not a real book)
    Start a Blog! and maintain it…YES well started & trying damn hard to maintain
    Go horseback riding..YES I do whenever I can
    Feel comfortable with myself naked…NEVERRRRRR! (She screams) 🙂


    • Awesome to have you knock at my door… come on in and make yourself comfy… glad that you enjoyed what you found…

      as for your last point there – that’s funny… and how I feel most days…which is why its on my bucket list… Its the body I have and I need to be comfortable in it and love it regardless that it is not perfect (Ha! did I say perfect and something about my body in the same sentence?? silly me)… 🙂


  2. I remember your original post on this *smiles*.

    And Turkey…you want to travel there? I have images of colourful turrets and foods that dance with my sense of smell. (Am I being too food centric today?!?!?)

    And that you can sing…I am impressed indeed.


    • can one be too ‘food centric’? … and yes Turkey see I have those same images which is why I want to go (well the whole Mediterranean/middle east region actually).

      besides think of all the possibilities for romance…IDKY but that whole area makes me think of romance – perhaps because its poetic and steeped in history and colourful and beautiful…



  3. You my bestie, still amaze me!!! I love you and love that your blogging, and doing more and more of the things you want to do!! I’m so proud to call you friend! Ok let’s go knock a few things off your list! Lmao….love you!


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