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Everyone Wants a Perfect Ending…


Everyone wants a perfect ending. But over the years I’ve learned that some of the best poems don’t rhyme, and many great stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, or end. Life is about not knowing, embracing change, and taking a moment and making the best of it without knowing what’s going to happen next.     Marc and Angel

Life is a rollercoaster ride. It’s filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. Sometimes it is a rush, sometimes we feel sick and just want off the ride (or at least a barf bag). Occasionally we get bored or frustrated because we are stuck in the up climb.

We all want definite answers in life. Where are we going? Who are we going with? Why are we going that way? How will we get there?  But life makes us no promises (except death sadly).  We all travel blind to one degree or another. In the midst of our carefully laid out plans, we are often faced with detours. There are two tests of character here: what is our attitude through it all and how easily we adapt and rebound. It seems that life is just a long string of adjustments, sometimes minor, other times major. Some days we hold our chin up and shrug it off, no big deal. Sometimes we have a full blown temper tantrum.

Learning to adapt and keep a positive attitude is not only beneficial for our personal development, but also for our health, and happiness, as well as for those around us. When we stay strong in the face of adversity we teach others that they too can survive. You never know who is watching you, or who is looking up to you. And believe me others are watching. But regardless it is for our own benefit that we need to remain positive – even in the midst of a deep blue funk. Does that mean we can’t have a meltdown? Of course not, but even in the midst of a full blown crisis we can still look for the silver lining. We can still smile at the good in life. We do not have to go down with the proverbial ship. In fact our attitude can either be our life preserver or the anchor around our ankle. Which do you prefer; sink or swim? I don’t know about you but I would rather be wet, tired and alive.

Sometimes I get tired, and cranky, and fall into the deep blue funk. I have days where I want to stand outside and scream at the top of my lungs. I try not to let those days control me; and I certainly don’t them stop me. I try to cherish the beautiful moments, to remember the good, and the sweet. All the while pushing forward never knowing what lies around the next corner, but hoping it is bigger and better than the last. For they are all merely passing moments in the greatest adventure ever; LIFE!  


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15 thoughts on “Everyone Wants a Perfect Ending…

  1. Loved this (signed the tired & cranky one) *sigh*


  2. Love this post, that’s a great philosophy. Maybe you should post it to some of our politicians, as an open letter, the next time they are planning their next war? 😉


  3. Andrea,

    This was such a great post! It made my heart smile…
    I’m a firm believer in making the best out of the worst…I still have my moments (usually I’m not proud of them) but always try to learn from those as well…
    Something that really stuck with me is that kids aren’t the only ones growing and learning, They are always observing and absorbing…I pray that if I can have one thing in life, it would be my kids learn how to deal with life with humour, honesty and most importantly a positive outlook on every situation…


  4. Who is watching? Your inner self is watching you, learning, adapting, molding your future behaviour. If you give up easy the first time, it lets you give up again. If it knows you are a fighter, it helps you fight. Life is what you make it, for it can’t be anything else. There is no gold ticket ride, that you didn’t get… You have to seek them. Say yes when that is right, say no, when it is wrong… to simple?

    Life is simple, you are born and you die, what happens between is up to you.


    • Who is watching? Lots of people, some are routing for you some against you. Doesn’t really matter as long as you are routing for yourself.

      But I have kids, and I know they are always watching (even if they won’t admit it) and it is important to me to set an example of a positive outlook, truth and strength. It upsets me when I screw that up, and let them down. I do accept the fact that I will make mistakes, have bad days, and that I may even have the occasional total meltdown. But I am always honest enough to let them know when I have made a mistake, and I try to do right next time.

      And yes I totally agree its simple we live, we die, those are the facts of life. Just as it is our decisions that mould our lives, and affect the lives of those around us.


      • Kids are always watching, they are the best at multitasking, playing a video game, talking on the phone and knowing everything that is going on in the house… even they don’t “hear” when you call them to dinner. 🙂 (not me ever though… lol) and I know that you are doing a fantastic job with your children, I can feel your love between the lines.

        I wanted to point out too, I loved the post.


  5. I SUPER like this blog post. See…this is EXACTLY why you were nominated for the Inspirational Blog thingy. (The only downside to your nomination was that it was not me who nominated you!)

    I am looking….re-reading this post. Trying to find the one thing to comment on. The one thing that makes me go “yes. That!”

    But it is all spot on! Really. It is.

    I. Love. This. Post.


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