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A Rose and a Poem


original title: Death of a Rose
Drawn: August 2009,
Medium: graphite and coloured pencil.

Untitled poem

A moonbeam pierces this heart of darkness,

it is a salve to the wounded.

The blood flows, purging, cleansing,

dark and red.

A single drop falls,

enough to make the flowers bloom.

Bringing life to the barren landscape,

that is my heart.

Date written: unknown – possibly early 2010


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

4 thoughts on “A Rose and a Poem

  1. This is beautiful and stirring. I love it.

    It is a fitting commentary on how life springs from wounds. Our hurt makes it possible for other things to grow. It is your heart.

    It reminds me of a discussion I heard on the CBC the other night. Author Jeanette Winterston was talking about wounds and how some never heal. And how that can be a blessing. She noted how the verb to wound in French is ‘blesser’ and that there are many stories in mythology about injuries that never heal. Gulliver had a wound behind the knee that reminded him where he had been. Paul of Tarsis spoke of the thorn in the flesh. Even Hemingway spoke of broken parts and how they make us stronger. The open place that does not heal can be the place from which we heal others. Many of us have been bitterly wounded and it becomes our challenge to use it. To use the open wound to grow something else; something better. Some injuries never heal and it is for us to embrace it and accept it and find wholeness and strength in the totality of that fact. (note: I copied and pasted part of this paragraph from a reply I gave to another blogger. I hope you don’t mind. It seems so fitting as a response)

    This poem is also uncannily reminiscent of a later Johnny Cash song titled Redemption. You might find it on YouTube. Because there are parts of it that are practically your poem. (although the song is a mite religious)

    Many happy thoughts in your direction.


    • Hey Andy,

      I can say that I know what you are talking about even though I’m not sure I 100% agree… I believe that all wounds heal eventually they just don’t heal back to the way they were before, they leave scars. And sometimes wounds that appeared healed aren’t, they are festering beneath the surface; so they have to open up to let the ‘infection’ out. Anyways our scars are our reminders so that we don’t forget the lessons we have learned. We can use these scars like a child’s growth chart to mark our progress. I personally feel that we sometimes leave our wounds unhealed because we can’t bring ourselves to let the hurt go. The deeper the hurt, the harder it is. Sometimes we even fool ourselves into thinking that we have moved on, when we haven’t. But eventually it comes back to us and we have to face the hurt head on.

      The symbolism of healing others with an unhealed wound is beautiful though. (as long as you don’t try to visualize it – then its kinda gross actually… ) And I do think that the open wound can grow something better, but its often that process that finally brings the much needed healing.

      As for Johnny Cash – I looked the song up, yes a mite religious as you put it, however I don’t mind. I actually like Johnny Cash… its raw, and honest and passionate and truthful.

      Much peace and happiness to you, my friend.


  2. a single flicker of light provides hope and salvation.

    like a smile to a stranger, a hug to someone who is sad, a wave, grin.. easy to grant.

    why do we hoard them?


  3. I tried to make sense of this when I read it. Birth? Life?

    Then I decided … to just let the words wash upon me .. .and that was good enough.


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