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My Problem – laid bare and intimate


I think one of my problems is that I am an all or nothing girl… I want it all… If you are to be part of my life then I want to know every single detail… I want all of you… to have every little bit memorized… all the details of your face… every freckle, every little line around your eyes when you smile… all the details of you… to be able to trace every inch of your body in my mind when you aren’t there… I want to know the inflections in your voice when you talk, laugh, joke, cry… I want to know when you are trying to hide… to be able to read your body language and the stories it tells about how you really feel, what you really think, especially when your words say different… I want to know your thoughts, your fears, your dreams, the things you are proud of, and the things you are ashamed of… but what if you aren’t mine to know this way… then I become conflicted… as I want to show you who I am… completely… laid bare… inside and out… but what if I am not to be yours… and therefore you are not to be mine… and so to bare myself that way would be wrong… too intimate… I am, perhaps, too intense… too layered… I think maybe I scare people off…

The sexiest foreplay there is, is to get to know some-one intimately… the littlest details… the idiosyncrasies… the complexities… the truths and the lies…

Perhaps that’s what love is… to be able to bare yourself to some-one in the hopes that they will do the same in return… yet knowing that they may not… to give yourself to some-one knowing they may not receive the incredible gift you are giving… because there is no gift more extravagant than your heart and your soul…

From my spoken heart, laid bare and intimate, to yours. xox

Author: My Spoken Heart - Andrea Crowell

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

4 thoughts on “My Problem – laid bare and intimate

  1. They say the best foreplay is one that tickles your brain and imagination. Getting to know intimate details about a person can stir up your creative side.

    One of the most passionate and intimate things we can ever do is to open up ourselves to the other person. More than the physical contact, it’s the emotional and psychological bond that connects people that is important.


  2. Great blog Andrea! So very true! You are an all or nothing kind of gal! Which I’m blessed our friendship is completely based on knowing so much about each other…I am also an all of nothing girl which is why we make such great friends!
    Love ya


    • Very true… I think I approach pretty much everything in life from this ‘all or nothing’ stance of mine – which can be great, but can also be very intense and sometimes very tiring… 🙂

      much love my friend


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