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Hello and Welcome…


“hello, welcome… make yourself comfortable, feel free to stay awhile.”

Hmmm… this is my first blog post, and I am wondering where do I start? What do I say? What do people want to hear, that I am able to share?

Maybe I should start with this, I follow quite a few blogs, and Facebook pages, and I have come to realize that they all have a common theme, they are all about learning to love ourselves in spite of the so-called “bad”. They all focus on finding the positive in life (even when you have to really search in order to find it). They are all “feel-good” blogs, some are gentle feel-good fluff, and some are hard hitting, smack you upside the head with the stark truth, but they are all about self love and searching for the good in life. And I have realized that, that says something about me. I am searching for the good in life, in people, in shitty circumstances. And the greatest thing of all is I am finding it! In our world full of negative garbage, hurting people, anger and malice; there is still so much good out there, so much to be thankful for, so much happy! It’s all about perspective and choice,  we will find what we seek… that’s a pretty amazing thing to grasp! How I see the world is MY CHOICE! It’s not about other people, and what they do or say (yes we all have down days where other people’s negativity, or perhaps our own, will get us down – but…) it’s about my choice to be happy or not…

Today I choose joy… how about you?

From my spoken heart to yours, xox


Author: myspokenheart

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4 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome…

  1. For some odd reason I decided just now that I wanted to find your very first blog. I must have done this before too, because I see I have hit the ‘Like” button on it.

    Still … an urge to just leave you a note on your very first blog post came upon me….because it seemed just an odd thing to do … and I can be odd *smiles*

    Sooo … this comment by the way, has nothing to do with anything really …except to say, ‘thank you for being my friend.’

    Well and to …

    *dance and shimmy and go ‘woo woo’ and to shake, shake, shake … shake my booty.*

    And once again I am also glad that WordPress does not have a “Block Katie From Posting On My Blog” button nod nods *smiles*

    *hugs* … hoping your weekend is going well.


    me = Katie

    me = the goofy one

    me = your friend

    C’mon Katie….sign off already!



  2. It’s wonderful to see you taking this stance, dear heart! It IS all about how you choose to see and react to the world. We attract more of what we believe, so guess what you’re attracting by choosing to embrace the positive? 😉

    As for where to start and what to say, just speak what’s in your heart and let your expression take care of the rest. Congratulations on getting your own blog! 🙂 And thanks so much for stopping by mine. 😉


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