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Sharing my World…

This is my third SYW submission and I am already failing at this. I missed last week. Hmmm. So maybe I should call it “Share your world sporadically”? Anyways if you are interested in participating Visit Cee’s Photography Blog and go to the Share Your World page. (The link will take you straight to this week’s questions)

sywbannerWhat is the most important thing that you ever learned? (I bet it’s not something you learned in school)

Algebra! Hahaha! OK no that isn’t it…

I think it’s a combo of lessons but it all comes down to “Life goes on”. That may sound cliche but really no matter what happens right now, how good or how bad, life will still go on and continue moving forward.
I think hand in hand with this is that “Life’s not fair”. Good things happen to apparently bad people, bad things happen to those we perceive as good. Basically we need to count our blessings and take them as they come. And we need to accept that each day is new with good and bad things in it and we can take it or leave it, we can focus on the negative or the positive, but regardless Life will keep on whether we like it, accept it, approve or not… whatever.

What feeds your enthusiasm for life?

Some days just being alive. Other days, nothing. I really am a take it as it comes kind of person. But deep down inside I have this extremely organized logical person that my outer, take it as it comes, c’est la vie person is driving completely mad.

What’s your most memorable (good or bad) airplane commercial or private flight?

I’d have to say when I was 16 flying solo for the first time and my plane had an unexpected 1 1/2 hr layover due to mechanical issues. I didn’t know what the right thing to do was as most of the passengers were transferring to another flight. I decided to stay on the original plane because I didn’t have a way to contact my aunt who was meeting me at my destination – this was long before cell phones were in every hand. It was nerve wracking, but I got here fine and my aunt was there, so it all turned out good.

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

I would do a world tour of abandoned sites/cities. I would have expensive cameras and take lots of pictures to document everything and I would do historical research whenever possible. I think it would be amazing.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for last weekend, it was a long weekend here in Canada. I had a very low key weekend and made homemade salsa that turned out so good. I made sure to write down what I did, now the Key is to repeat it :) .
As for the coming weekend 17 is graduating, her grad ceremonies are this Friday, and I can’t wait to see her all dolled up with her hair done wearing her fancy dress. Or to see how smart her boyfriend will look in his tux, by her side. Happy proud momma sigh…

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Vancouver & OneRepublic…

On the first weekend of May one of my oldest friends – oldest in terms of how long I have known her, not in how old she is – and I spent the weekend in Vancouver, away from kids, worry, and the norms of our single parent lives. IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

It’s funny because I had such a good time in spite of the fact that I had no actual spending money… it was just the being away and enjoying not dealing with my normal life that made it so good. My friend works for the provincial govt, which has a program to get special rates at many hotels across the province, so she got a smoking deal on our hotel. It was kind of swanky and all posh, centred right downtown, meaning everything was roughly a 10 minute walk away, no matter which direction we went in we ended up somewhere cool. HotelBlu… This hotel apparently starts at $399 a nite (I would have been upset if we had paid that rate I don’t think it was worth that) But we paid less than half that per nite, and even got to enjoy the pool/hot tub for a bit on day 2.

The first nite, after I picked her up and we checked in freshened up and all that stuff we walked around in Yaletown – such a cool little place full of energy and people and personality and plenty of neat little restaurants and distilleries and what not. We ended up going to The Keg steakhouse for dinner – half my spending money gone “poof “- but it was so good. I even had a drink cuz we were walking so no worries!

We got up at a reasonable time and headed out in search of a cafe for some kind of breakfast. We ended up in Gastown, it’s very old town area and has cobblestone walkways and beautiful frontages to the buildings, almost feels how I imagine England to feel. We found a quaint little cafe called La Luna Cafe, and they had a big sign reading “Smart Mouth Coffee” so of course we had to go there. It was great! the muffins were delish, the coffee was perfect and the staff were friendly and accommodating. We spent the morning/early afternoon browsing funky little stores and avoiding the blatant tourist stores. Then we headed into one of the little malls and saw an honest to goodness real “baby man”!!! If you don’t know what that means it’s well… uummm… a full grown middle aged man wearing a yellow teddy bear print onsie and mint green suspender pants carrying a diaper bag… he was wearing adult sized baby clothes! Like I would buy for my 1 year old grand-daughter… My friend was mortified and had never even heard of the baby man sub culture… I was only enlightened because I had seen an episode of CSI about it. Anyways… I digress.

So we headed over to Yaletown again to check out the Yaletown Distillery for a tasting. We tried a lovely mandarin vodka, which was very smooth and actually sip-able (that is a word right? anyways I brought home a bottle of it), and their basic gin. I thought the gin smelled absolutely amazing, and the first sip was pleasant, by the third sip I was pouring my sample into my friend’s cup and declaring that I do not do straight gin. We decided at that point to head back tot he hotel to hit the pool. Then got ready and headed out for dinner and OneRepublic!!! Lights opened for OneRepublic and she was good I enjoyed her performance a lot. Then OneRepublic hit the stage… I did not know they were that talented! I mean I enjoy and know pretty much all of their songs, but just because they’re good recorded doesn’t mean they will be live… They were FANTASTIC! There was a cello and an actual piano, they did a more intimate and unplugged style set at the mid point of the concert. They were very good entertainers, there was never a dull moment, and I had such a great time.

AND… I did very good with driving and not panicking even when we made a wrong turn and had to cross the same bridge 3 times… lol! Over all it was a terrific  weekend, and I can’t wait till I have enough money for the next one.

I have some photos but not many as I kept forgetting to take them and at the concert my phone died!!! So I only have a few blurry far away photos that I have decided not to share :(


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